NFL’s Vax Policy Has DeAndre Hopkins Questioning His Future In The League

Outkick: With news surfacing that the NFL plans to punish teams with positive Covid tests, NFL superstars are beginning to push back. Cardinals receiver DeAndre Hopkins appears less than thrilled with the league’s stance. So much so that he’s questioning his NFL future. And he’s not alone. more

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  1. Before we start with the WHO CARES? THE NFL SUCKS!!! (which it does), let’s actually take the individuals and support their decisions, and promote them when they are correct. Think about it. They’re (mouth open/”huh?” people) not listening to the non-famous Right. But they will listen to the famous left (assumed lefty). This is when you take
    the correct lefty comments and rub it in their faces. Use the left’s game, even if you have to pinch your nose to do it.

  2. This is becoming concerning, many republican leaders are now talking the same rhetoric and the RINO AL Gov just said its time to blame the unvaccinated not the regular folks. So clearly whether it is the NFL or any big corp or gov leader we are heading to having a two class society. And they may be able to hide the vaccine deaths and injuries but eventually that truth is going to cascade out and we need to hold all these people responsible to account for their mandates.

  3. Republican governors all over the country are insulting people who don’t want to take the vax. And mcconnell tell everyone to take it. Trump brags about getting the vax cleared for jabbing.

    Almost the entire conservative republican base, from what i can tell, is either against the vax or wants it to definitely be the citizens choice, and not a single republican pol will stand up for us.

    Can i rest my case yet?

  4. Divisions created and increasing at every opportunity;
    The Socialist/Communist Plan: Divide and Conquer.

    Democrat/socialists Vs Republicans, Rinos Vs Republicans, Rich Vs Poor, Black Vs White, Socialists VS Freedom Seekers, Patriots Vs Antifa, Vaccinated VS no Vax, Public education VS Parents, Government Vs the people, 2nd amendment Vs gun banners, Marxists Vs Capitalism, Life Vs abortion, FBI, DOJ and other weaponized federal agencies Vs Citizens

  5. Start calling and emailing these R chumps up.
    Tell them just for TELLING you I should get the jab, you will make sure his ass is voted out. Even if you have to pick a D to make it happen.
    Because at this point, what is the difference between a republican in the COVID Cult compared to a dem? Not a fucking thing.
    Tell them that.

    What you say here in the comments, you can tell your reps the exact same thing. It takes barely 2 minutes. Do it.

  6. Covid is, was, and has become the latest (and most successful) wag the dog operation in human history. People continue to froth at the mouth over what’s little more than a hyped up (first trial balloon for sure) flu designed to hystericalize karens and metro special men with no balls to practice “herd immunity” as an inalienable right. And it ain’t in the constitution or bill of rights.

    We’re so fuc%&d in America 2021.

    We are obsolete.😎

  7. They’re college educated and have black privilege. They can find other venues to make money to survive. If some of them don’t get the jab, I respect them. Their body their choice.

  8. If it is one thing we know for sure, it is that NFL stars can easily quit and move on to other 9 to 5 careers that require plenty of language skills, math, and humility for hourly pay.


  9. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    It’s becoming fun to watch the Libtard Left (in this case, the NFL) slit their own throat.
    Gonna grab my popcorn, brewski, sit back, & enjoy. What? Watch a game? Never! Just read the occasional news and watch the National Felon League implode.

  10. I suppose the NFL will accept liability for all negative reactions players have who were forced to get the jab.

    Ha ha. ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Sometimes I crack myself up.

  11. If these are the same assholes who were all taking a knee, then fuck ’em — not interested in their problems.

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