NHL Player Facing 21 Game Suspension For Summiting Fake Vaccine Card

Boston Globe

Evander Kane of the San Jose Sharks was suspended 21 games for a violation of the NHL’s coronavirus protocols, the league announced Monday.

According to multiple reports, the 30-year-old forward was investigated for an allegation that he submitted a fake vaccine card to the Sharks and the NHL. The league did not specify the nature of Kane’s violation in its announcement, which included a statement of apology from him. More

10 Comments on NHL Player Facing 21 Game Suspension For Summiting Fake Vaccine Card

  1. Evander Kane is not remotely liked in the NHL for a bunch of previous reasons. Guaranteed the NHL is enjoying making an example of him.

  2. @KCIR

    He’s got a great name though – Evander Kane. Unforgettable.

    But the greatest personal name in sports history, IMO, is Urban Shocker, Yankees pitcher in the 1920’s.

    Can anyone beat that?

  3. @LeftCoastDan Yep, yesterday WA state experienced the The Purge. I follow local channels on FB and there is a loud minority that says this battle is about freedom. The rest, the lefty loonies, are celebrating the loss of nurses, doctors, police, firemen and football coaches. They don’t think the unvaccinated should get medical care either.


  4. @Hector

    Dick Trickle, NASCAR, had an ashtray in his car for a smoke during Yellow flags.

    Absolutely the fuckin coolest name to ever be hear on the live TV commentary!

    … and yes it is on Y-tube.

  5. @Hector: I would submit Whitney Mercilus as a uber cool name for a football player.

  6. @Wyatt

    Good one.

    Then there is Elvis Peacock, former NFL player. Maybe not so cool, but definitely funny.

  7. …but no punishment for the obama-biden millions of illegal intruders and those who paid for illegal green cards and citizen papers initiated by so-called ‘immigration attorneys’ often gracing NYC offices and elsewhere in the US.

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