NHL Teams Stand Tall During National Anthem

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Not a single player “took the knee” for Black Lives Matter during the national anthem at three different NHL exhibition games played this week.

The Philadelphia Flyers and the Pittsburgh Penguins bucked the trends in other professional sports and all stood for the anthem on Tuesday.

“The Penguins and Flyers, two of the fiercest rivals in sports, united in solidarity this afternoon, to stand up against social injustice, racism, and hate,” the Penguins said in a post.

“The teams stood as one across each club’s respective blue lines prior to today’s game.” More

Unlike the NBA Here

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  1. The people who run the NHL are little bit smarter than the other sports leagues. A little.
    They still had to find a way to kiss up the BLM and the leftists.
    Hopefully they don’t do this stuff all season.

  2. The NHL consists of eager lads from the US, Canada, and Europe. They just want to play hockey. That’s their tradition.

  3. “SHUT UP AND PLAY HOCKEY!”…..that’s a pretty good mantra to follow….Football started it and collapsed their market. Now they keep their foot on the gas peddle of ruination. Baseball has ruined 130 years of history and a sweet, thinking man’s game….Basketball is and has been stupid for 40 years. All to be “liked” by a politicized terrorist, communist organization….

  4. Unlike NBA, NFL, MLB, Our boys play with with freshly knocked out teeth, busted fingers & way worse.

    It really is unfortunate when we actually have to play all that Hockey in between the Fighting.

    Hockey is where I learned all the Good Shit! It was FKN GREAT!

    For fun: Google ‘Hockey vs Soccer memes’

  5. For info:

    Makeup By Country of NHL:
    Canada 42.8%
    USA 25.7%
    Sweden 11.4%
    Finland 4.8%
    Russia 4.5%
    Czech 3.8%

  6. @Kcir

    As you probably know, hockey players used to have a name for teeth that get knocked out and end up on the ice: bloody Chicklets (not sure if Chiclets are around anymore).They don’t care about that, they just want to play hockey.

    In a game a few years ago Sidney Crosby got some teeth knocked out. He continued playing with exposed nerves in his mouth. He just wanted to play hockey.

    Back in the early 1970’s a player named Ed Van Impe got a skate cut on his leg that required 40 stitches. As I recall, they sewed him up during the second period and he went out and played the third. He just wanted to play hockey.

  7. Impaired memories?

    Believe many (high school / college) used to have their front teeth extracted when they got serious about the game as they’ll get knocked out eventually anyway. What’s a partial cost these days?

    Don’t remember when the helmets and other protection came into use.

    The Golden Jet, Mikita, Maggie (Mr. Penalty minutes)…

  8. ….Hockey fights – Dave Schultz vs Terry O’Reilly, ca 1974. O’Reilly kept pumping out those left uppercuts that landed frequently on Schultz.

    Schultz tried to head butt O’Reilly a couple of times and eventually both tired out. I call it a draw.

    Any fight Tony Twist was in is amazing to watch. He was like the Terminator, he just would not stop till the other guy was down on the ice and thoroughly beaten.

    George Laraque was another tough customer. A true heavyweight at around 245-250. I don’t think he lost a single fight. Off the ice he is a kind man with a kind face.

    All these fights are available on You Tube. If you want to get your adrenaline going, watch some of them. That’s why fans like them. It’ll also teach people about standing up for your team, something America needs right now.

  9. of course the sat night prime time game had to do it pre-game matt dumba from minnesota had to take a knee and say a couple of nonsensical things so far no BLM propaganda painted on the ice nhl is the only sport i watch, if that garbage ever gets in view, i am out


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