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Nice Ad Placement

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  1. I looked up their crash record. Apparently the ad placement IS accurate. Doing their part to reduce the population. 😬

  2. Might as well have been for Southwest stock…

  3. Flying a Muslim airline just cuts out the terrorist middlemen.

  4. It’s not “WHAT were they thinking?”
    It’s WHETHER they were thinking.

    That would make perfect sense if it were on the other side of the escalator. I wonder if the advertising people made two versions of that graphic and what we’re looking at is a deliberate “FSCK YOU” from the guy who put up the sign(s) the “wrong” way?

  5. Could be worse.

    Could be upside down.

  6. Be even funnier if there were fake plants in a big pot at the bottom of the escalator.

  7. “Turkish Airlines…All The Way To The Crash Site IN STYLE!”

  8. That would be tempting to paint some flames at the bottom

  9. When they are not busy committing genocides, bullying neighboring countries, they are spreading their garbage around.
    “Wherever the Turkish hoof trods, no grass grows.” – Victor Hugo

  10. A reminder that every take off is optional but every landing is mandatory?

  11. Aloha Snack Bar!

    Turk comes on stage and says, “Istanbul.”
    Christian comes on stage and says, “Constantinople.”
    Turk says, “Istanbul!”
    Christian says, “Constantinople!”
    Turk yells, “ISTANBUL!”
    Christian yells, “CONSTANTINOPAL!”
    Pagan Roman comes in between them and says, “Actually it was originally Byzantium…”
    Turk and Christian yell in unison, “YOU KEEP OUT OF THIS!”

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