Nice Burn 🤣 – IOTW Report

Nice Burn 🤣

A wicked burn brought to you by our very own Jerry Manderin.

Ethics Oxymoron: The Psychic Friends Network’s Honest Scam.

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  1. About what is she saying “shame?” The fact that SCOTUS said that the Federal Government no longer mandates killing babies, or that law abiding citizens no longer have to be sitting ducks when a murderous wack job shows up?

  2. if they were truly psychic they would call me, tell me my credit card number, and tell me the solution to my problem before I told them what it is.

  3. Dionne Warwick whole heartedly approves the slaughter of (predominantly) black babies.
    SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on Dionne!

  4. Thanks MJA! 🙃

    I just got my first 12 hour suspension. Who knew being a smart ass worthy of family entertainment was a thought crime? 🥳

  5. Jerry Manderin — You got suspended for telling the truth?! What the heck?! Twitter just proved their fascism. Seriously?

    Now you’re not only funny, you’re notoriously funny! LOL!

  6. Jerry Manderin – That’s OK, I got permanently banned on lucianne for quoting President Trump while he was in office!

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