Nice Judds

The parodies of the Ashley Judd video rant are numerous.

The screenshot on this one alone is hilarious. In this parody she says she is not an attention seeker–>

Farmwife sends in this guy who seems to have the Judd essence nailed-



A reminder of the original ridiculous Judd vRant –

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  1. I would complain if a male TSA agent touched me. So she’s histrionic, she’s also mental, but male TSA should never touch a female anywhere.

  2. As someone not comfortable with being touched a lot, I can relate a bit to her unease, though even I don’t complain about things like normal dumb touching. If they kept doing it I might say, “Please don’t,” or talk to their manager and be done with it. Why does it have to be broadcast to the world?

    As for the rest, if it’s part of a larger creepy thing, fine, but still, the world, really? I don’t get people who embrace victimhood at the drop of a hat and then put it on the stage. Isn’t there anything they can actually accomplish that gives them that feeling of satisfaction?

  3. first off, just like that other attention whore, Lena Dumbhead, it didn’t happen …. know why? … they didn’t record it, or any aftermath of the ‘incidents’ … we just have their ‘rants of indignity’ … for all we know it was scripted
    these twatwaffles don’t go anywhere without their self-important camera phones stuck to their head … no vid? … no proof

  4. Hers is an imagined offense, and I bet she rehearses her responses to various trigger phrases, waiting about ‘encounters’ like this so she can go on a rant.
    I visit a lot of people in my job. Older southern women have called me ‘hon’ ‘sweetheart’ and other stuff.
    It is a cultural affectation that the entitled witch is unaware of, called ‘Hospitality’.
    Hospitality dissolves the concept of ‘stranger’ and makes the visitor temporarily a part of their family.
    It’s called being friendly.
    I don’t think Ashley Judd is all that familiar with the concept of Friendliness.

  5. If she made her rant solely about being touched, fine.
    She didn’t.
    Her rant came with earmarks that are ridiculous, therefore, she doesn’t get my support.

  6. At my doctor’s office there is a very nice receptionist who calls me “sweetie”. The last time I was there I told her, “I love coming here. Where else can I go that someone will call me sweetie?”

  7. The guy in that hilarious video looks like he could be the love child of Steve Irwin and William Shatner.

    If such a thing were possible, that is.

    Oh, wait – I guess I shouldn’t say that.

    With modern gender-rearrangement surgery, ANYTHING is possible.

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