Nice posse

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  1. The deviant and mentally ill like to hang together and vote together for people
    that will look the other way.

  2. Yes, but the REAL menace is Mike Pence, who constantly goes around not raping, not molesting and not harassing innocent women. He actually takes steps to make sure nothing untoward can even be imputed, the cad! WHO WILL STOP THIS MONSTER?

  3. There have been times while raising my sons that I have drawn them near and changed the direction we were walking to keep them safe.

    Walking up on these guys with my progeny in tow would be one of those times. ‘We gotta go, kids. I’ll tell you why later.’

  4. is it possible hillary did not know because not one of the perverts shown would ever consider looking her over, let alone raping her ?

    the smell alone would drive you off.

    like screwing pepe lepew

  5. One might begin to think (by age ten) that ill-disciplined, communists, socialists, unkempt, ill-mannered people don’t really deserve the benefit of doubt about their character when interviewed for a job of public trust or really anything other than running a shovel.

    Not equals. Vermin.

  6. every one of these guys photos should be posted on the post office wall with the phrase “wanted dead or alive” and the amount of reward.

  7. Meanwhile, the stupid Democrat women keep yapping about women’s issues while they knowingly surround themselves with rapists.

  8. Let’s start with 1961, JFK, RFK, Teddy K.(and numerous clan members), LBJ, Bubba Clinton, Al Gore John Edwards, Carlos Danger,
    Harvey W. etc. And we’re being told the Right is waging a war on women.

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