Nigeria: Muslim cleric says coronavirus a “lie,” bans on public gatherings are war on Islam, calls for resistance

Jihad Watch:

“Islamic Cleric, Sheik Bello Yabo, Arrested For Condemning Eid Prayers Ban,” Sahara Reporters, May 22, 2020 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Sokoto State cleric, Sheikh Bello Yabo, has been arrested…

…he called on Muslim faithful to rebel and confront authorities in any state Eid prayers marking end of Ramadan fast was banned to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

The cleric claimed that governor of Kaduna State, Nasir el-Rufai, and others, who banned public gathering and Eid prayers were fighting Islam not Coronavirus.

The cleric also claimed Coronavirus was a lie.

11 Comments on Nigeria: Muslim cleric says coronavirus a “lie,” bans on public gatherings are war on Islam, calls for resistance

  1. The thing about Muslims, when they call for “resistance” they aren’t kidding.

    And they aren’t talking about passive resistance either.

  2. …send Governor Grech “Karen” Whitmer over there to straighten them out.

    …Muzzies LOVE strong, bossy women, pretty sure, why not find out but please, PLEASE tape it for the rest of us…

  3. If there was even a chance that a mass gathering at a mosque would spread the virus, that’s good enough reason for me to agree with Sheik Yur Bootie

  4. Didn’t some towelhead muzzi from Iran declare that only infidels will get the Corona? If so, it’ll be good to see who’s faithful and who’s not a bonafide follower of the Profit (piss be upon him)!
    Every cloud has a silver lining.

  5. And by “resistance”, like all men of courage, he means resisting the tendency of the couch to float away, if left unoccupied.

    And by “confront”, like all men of action, he means to offer the contents of your wallet, to whoever is beating your neighbor.

    The United States: Land of the free; home of the brave.

    Shoren will be a shame, when our new beardy overlords start draggin’ loyal Party Christians out into the streets. For population control. A-yup. Shoren will be a shame.

    Hey! Maybe we can have a day to remember them? Or not.

  6. …seriously, do any of our Michiganders know if your Governor Karen has enforced her anti-religious edicts in places like Dearbornistan? If not, y’all have a DANDY 1A suit you should be filing…

  7. Well, he’s partially right: the coronovirus reaction was a complete scam.

    It benefitted his fascist cause, so why is he complaining?

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