Nigeria Sacks Nearly 24,000 “Ghost Workers” – IOTW Report

Nigeria Sacks Nearly 24,000 “Ghost Workers”

A common form of corruption in Africa is to put nonexistent people on the government payroll. In a recent effort to verify government workers Nigeria’s Finance Ministry identified nearly 23,846 “ghost workers” and ended their employment.


The move is estimated to save the cash-starved nation about $11.5 million a month.

They also managed to remove nearly 20,000 “ghosts” from the pension system.


I wonder how many Nigerian princes they came across needing an overseas partner’s bank account to collect their inheritance?


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  1. Ghost workers and political patronage are the mainstay of American Politics. It happens at the city, township, county, regional, state and federal governments costing US taxpayers $Billions.

  2. During the reign of Gov. Dickhead Celeste in Ohio, my agency had phantom employees who were political hacks for the Demorrhoid party. This was back in the day of paper payroll and paper pay checks. They showed up every 2 weeks on pay day Friday to collect their checks.
    There were the extortionists who tried to strong arm campaign contributions.

    There was so much crap that went on with Crook Celeste. He was another Bill Clinton who couldn’t keep his pants up.
    There was the nearly illiterate lap dancer who was hired by an assistant director//strip joint customer after a judge ordered her club closed. Those 2 were actually nailed by an off duty statie who saw them having sex in the back of a state vehicle in the SOT parking garage. Whistle blowers, a scandal a week in the papers, people fired, a few went to jail for theft in office and various other crimes. There was the short-lived director who threatened to fist f*ck any whistle blowers. That threat was captured on someone’s micro cassette player and sent to the Inspector General’s office. That director was canned too. I could go on for pages.
    There’s nothing like honorable public service.

  3. Ah yes Eugenia I, too, remember those vile and desolate Years. Had a bumper sticker on my ’78 Buick Opel that said “Dick Celeste Before He Dicks You” Who can forget his hideous German Dyke ‘wife’—truly they were the forerunners of the Clinton Crime Family….

  4. Ghost workers are nothing new. The Romans had a problem with ghost soldiers in their Legions, 2000 years ago, and the Democrats have long employed ghost voters.

  5. @bosephusrex
    Dogmar Dagmar joined some kooky women’s commune and ordained herself a Roman Catholic Woman Priest. Like Hillary, she preferred sleeping with other women.
    We had 2 high level managers, Celestials’, in our agency who both proudly claimed Dirty Dick was the father of their respective children.

  6. Nigeria’s problems have become First-World!

    They should be so proud!

    I’ll bet there’s some connection to the Clinton Foundation …

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