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Nigerians Bought the Rope Found On Smollett at Ace Hardware

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Several sources confirmed detectives were able to show the 2 Nigerian brothers questioned by police had purchased the rope found around Smollett’s neck at an Ace hardware. The brothers agreed to cooperate with police who are investigating whether Smollett made up the story after police threatened to charge them with battery.  The brothers attorney said both brothers knew Smollett. There are unconfirmed reports that Smollett paid the two brothers to perform the alleged scheme.


Someone said on Twitter that, ironically, Smollett will probably, once again, be wearing a noose in his apartment… next to a toppled step stool.

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  2. Honestly, when was the last time you would pay for the over-priced garbage that ‘ACE Hardware’ sold?
    Nigerians that possible may have snuck in here, I seriously doubt to do a ‘HIT’ on this unknown talent-less wanna-be would use ACE-Hardware. I mean Walmart is more than a full service and financially beneficial source.
    I call BS on this!

  3. This phucking story; this phucking “FAIRY” tale, is getting more coverage than the Benghazi tragedy. Lock the schumette up and be done with it.

  4. I still believe it is a homo s&m romp gone bad and smellit dreamed this up afterward.
    ^smellit – thanks for the funny name, anonymous!

  5. I said to my brother yesterday that Jussie would regret keeping that stupid rope around his neck. It would, in the end, hang him. And it looks like I was right.

  6. @No Blushes: “Honestly, when was the last time you would pay for the over-priced garbage that ‘ACE Hardware’ sold?”

    I went out yesterday to buy a new axe handle for a single bit splitting axe, having broken one. (yes, we burn wood for heat- it works good). First place I went to, they were 12.99. Nice hickory handle, but I didn’t like the fit, so I went to an ace hardware place. They had just about the same thing, but for 34.99. Next to it was a complete axe with the same handle for 36.99. I pointed out how ridiculous that was to the salesman, then I left, without a handle. I’ll have a neighbor whittle me one, I guess.

    Hopefully they paid by credit card, and all accounts related to this can be traced. While this case is eating up more time and attention than seems rational, it is also important to track down anyone who would perpetrate false hate crimes. It they were paid to do what it appears they did, it needs to be known who everyone is/was involved.

  7. @toby miles, point well taken.
    and you are still without an axe, and we will still have to endure a worthless deluded accusing talent-less POS.
    No offense meant, sincere best wishes,,
    Hopefully ‘this can be traced.’
    BTW, Who killed JFK?

  8. @Anonymous FEBRUARY 16, 2019 AT 5:34 PM
    “Lets see if this toxic freak gets fired from tv.”

    Not likely. He will probably get an Emmy and his own series. Look at Christy Blasey Ford, Anita Hill, et al. Oh, and Al Sharpton.

  9. Remember when the original ‘news’ said he was on a flight that landed around midnight? And he was hungry at 2 a.m? What are the hours at Ace hardware? They are not open 24/7 are they? Just curious.

  10. @boozinsusin- “Remember when the original ‘news’ said he was on a flight that landed around midnight?”
    get ready for the ‘jet lag’ defense.

    @No Blushes: “and you are still without an axe…”
    we always have several on hand, along with splitting mauls, wedges and just about everything necessary. They’re all part of the program.

  11. The trial of Pristine Blackey-Fraud is going to be a bad joke. And Tony R is right. This will be a big boost for his career. I’m sick of seeing pics of this chinless, shameless drama queen.

  12. @toby miles apologizes, never meant no disrespect,,
    Timing, interpretations sometimes never go the proper way,,
    ‘specially here at IOTW!
    That’s what makes it so real here.
    Hugs, Brother, best to you!
    As far as everyone else,,

  13. Faggots loves them some drama. He was driven by a compulsion to exagerate every move as he choreographed this play as if he was staging a kabuki theater presentation. It was transparently obvious from the start that a fag was behind the presentation

  14. Can you imagined the MSM talking a holes chattering about this over the weekend, trying to express themselves so as not to look like the jump the gun Bozoes they all are.

  15. The problem with ACE is where else can you find an axe handle, unless its ebay. I doubt if Wallymart or Target carries them. And have doubts also about Lowes or Home depot. So, if you need it today, your gona pay.

  16. If your nefarious designs can result in destroying an innocent human’s life…. OK call me old fashioned, but I’ve had enough of this nonsense. In the “old west” horse thieves were hanged by the neck until dead. The rationale was because it was presumed that you had no compunction leaving another man for dead. Hang em’ high says I.

  17. Oh great, another couple of mid ’90’s XBOX morons!
    You can’t Code.
    Keep rhink you can,,
    Both of you so edgy,,

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