Night Owls Beware

Researchers in Britain are warning us now that those who are more energetic in the evening hours have 10 percent higher mortality rate than early birds. They’re also more likely to have “some sort of psychological illness,” as well as  diabetes, neurological disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, and respiratory disorders.” More

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  1. BULLSHIT! I’m in bed by 9 up by 5 and have diabetes, neurological disorders and all the other bad shit listed!

  2. Oh, and least we forget. The early bird may get the worm, but it’s the second mouse that gets the cheese.

  3. Britain also conducted research that all native born Britains are 95% more likely to be hacked to death by machetes when walking in Muslim neighborhoods, no matter what time of day.

  4. And they always tod me it was getting older. Go to bed by 10 I’m up at 3 or 330am. Don’t have to worry about arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, or a neurological disorder = already have them.

    Btotoh: glad I’m not a cat burgler.

  5. I used to feel that way, but now that I take Dinobite Texas Stooper Food my hair has grown back, I no longer have bad breath, my itchy, watery eyes cleared up, my teeth stopped falling out & are whiter than ever … both of them … not only that, my dog has started to lick my face again now that my ‘skin condition’ has cleared up …. somewhat

    I did a study … it concluded that everyone has a 100% mortality rate

  6. Ignore “research” like this on broad groups. It’s useless. In this case, the group calling themselves “night owls” is going to include some percentage of druggies, alcoholics, prostitutes, partiers, burglars, unemployed layabeds, criminals and whatnot.

    Just remember that the average person has one testicle.

  7. I wonder if part of that is because one’s healthy dining options diminish greatly after 10 pm? Especially in a small town…Then again, maybe it’s because of alcohol…

  8. The whole idea of “night owls” seems like a load of crap to me. If you get up early, work hard during the day, you will be tired at night and go to sleep at a decent hour, get up early the next day, repeat and so on. This “night owl” business is just some self indulgent BS. I used to be a “night owl” when I was young and had no responsibilities. Funny how having a job and kids makes one into a morning person really quick.

  9. “They’re also more likely to have “some sort of psychological illness,” as well as diabetes, neurological disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, and respiratory disorders.”

    With the former, after over four decades of observing others in their sleep, activity, nuttiness, pathologies, general psychological stability and susceptibility to really out there conspiracy theory, people who come fully ‘online’ after midnight have problems. Was married to one for twenty one years so a lot of my observations were done at close range.

    For values of ‘normal’, they usually crowd the edge of the envelope. Bless ’em all, some were aware of their eccentricities. Most weren’t.

  10. I have been a “night owl” all my life, including the time I was working, and I had a long career. I have already outlived a significant number of my contemporaries, including many so-called “morning people”.

    (Knock on wood.)

    I personally believe that the secret to living longer is picking parents with the right genes. And avoiding Death, of course.



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