NIH failed to test coronavirus drugs, studied drunk monkeys, soap operas, and tailgating instead

Just the News: On a steamy summer day inside the lecture auditorium of the storied National Institutes of Health headquarters, Dr. Michael Bracken delivered a stark message to an audience that dedicated its life, and owed its living, to medical research.

As much as 87.5% of biomedical research is wasted or inefficient, the respected Yale University epidemiologist declared in a sobering assessment for a federal research agency that spends about $40 billion a year on medical studies. read more

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  1. Cutting their salaries and staff by 90% might be a step in the right direction. Putting someone in charge who expects results at this fuster cluck would be a marked change.
    Somone from the private sector who gets actual results instead of screwing tax payers.

  2. Big Government, people. Big Government. Every damn time they shovel bricks of money into something, those looking for half-day at full pay, perks, lavish benes, new offices, state-of-the-art everything….add one more degree to a resume void of any practical application…and make phone calls to their insider friends in order to hop on the latest slop trough. Every. Single. Time.

    We could get rid of 80% of the Federal/State/Local payroll and everything would run like a well-oiled machine. We laugh at the EU’s run amok bureaucracy but they’ve got nothing on the size and inefficiency of the public payroll in this country.

  3. @Bongo March 27, 2020 at 3:43 pm

    > Can I get a copy of that drunk monkey study?

    The heart of science (not Science™!) is reproduciblity.
    Get your own monkeys.

  4. But of course! It’s the swamp! The swamp betrays no more than one just noticeable difference more concern for the American public than the CCP does for the Chinese people – if that. After all, they’re the “elite”. What else could taxes be for?

  5. Shhh! Quiet.

    They are studying hydroxychloroquine to see if we should use it.

    Could take years and billions.

  6. The Constitution does not grant the swamp any place in medicine. NIH is a rogue outlaw institution. Whenever gov gets involved in any enterprise that is not authorized by the Constitution it will drain dollars like a junkie on check day and make any problem it purports to address 1000 times worse.

  7. CNN interviews Wuhan Virus survivor. It might be his last CNN appearance.

    troll is my new hero!!

    True Patriot!! Flag of United States

    #Trump2020 #Q #QAnon

  8. “Was the “drunk monkey study “ done in Congress?

    Probably get the same result”

    I resemble that remark……


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