NIH Funds Study Asking If Gender Norms Make Gays Drink

A grant of $438,699 was awarded by the National Institute of Health last month to study “whether gender norms of masculinity and femininity lead LGBTQ individuals to drink too much.”


Who cares and why is it anybody’s business?

22 Comments on NIH Funds Study Asking If Gender Norms Make Gays Drink

  1. I would have answered the question for $2000.

    Yes, and they have higher rates ofnsuicide.

  2. ..and WHY is TRUMP’s NIH funding this???

    I can only guess this was in the pipeline before the election…


  3. Thanks for the photo supporting the study – it makes sense that this individual and his tranny (trans-gendered) partner where part of the study.

  4. “Alex, I’ll take “Gay Bars” for $438,699.”

    I’d also like my 2016 taxes refunded now.
    Because I sure as hell did not agree to have them squandered on this.
    And a million other examples.

  5. Why aren’t we studying the enormities of faggotry and PROVING that they should be removed from society?

  6. If they get the answers, they will be condemned if they suggest any bit of change. I suspect somebody’s boyfriend is running this waste of money project.

  7. They should start off by firing every one of the NIH clowns in DC and those who wanted to undertake this study.The monet could be fluhed and might serve a better purpose.

  8. The Fag’s Willl Slowly Adapt to Being Somewhat Accepted, and Need to Drink Less to Be Able to Face The Day !


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