NIH Spends Nearly $3 Mil on Club Culture

In an effort to better curb excessive drinking and risky behavior, the National Institute of Health has granted $2.9 million to study club goers who frequent venues featuring electronic dance music (EDM).

Their conclusions: Those that drink together are less likely to be aggressive, a club with security makes the party goers feel safer, and finally, couples who club together experience “less risk.” More

10 Comments on NIH Spends Nearly $3 Mil on Club Culture

  1. The Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, a nonprofit group based in Maryland

    I guess the Atlantic Institute is in California

    For a Hundred Bucks I’ll research getting drunk in My Garage.

  2. I wonder how much of that 2.9 million is going to be spent on alcoholic drinks for the researchers. It sounds like a great gig for a professional drinker such as myself. Anyone know where I can apply without having to go to California?

  3. Better they should study Trump Derangement Syndrome.
    And Pelosi’s dementia.
    And Cankle’s Total Body Failure.

  4. Years ago, we took a class where we had to design, run and evaluate experiments and studies. Being young and immature males, we developed hypotheses and designed studies which got us out of the classroom and into environments with alcohol and scantily clad women. What we gleaned from these studies was “this is a hell of a lot of fun.”

    We learned that in engaging in this kind of malarky, the write-up is key. We set out our findings in poorly constructed sentences which used a lot of multi-syllable words sprinkled with pretentious and important sounding phrases. The professor, who knew what we were doing and o.k.ed all of our proposals, gave us an A.

    What I didn’t learn, unfortunately, is that this apparently could have led to a well-paying career funded by the government with little to no accountability.

  5. Hell – if they’re buyin’, sign me up for the study! They can call me Lab Rat #1, as long
    as they keep the booze* flowing.

    (* – Call drinks only, please – well drinks could adversely affect the study results.)



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