Nike Says Goodbye To ‘Just Do It,’ Hello To ‘Just Subjugate Women’


WARNING: The following post is racist because it’s critical of Muslims.

Zahraa Alkhalisi, CNN Money:

Nike will soon begin selling a performance hijab for Muslim women athletes.

The head cover, called the “Nike Pro Hijab,” boasts a single-layer pull-on design made from lightweight polyester in dark, neutral colors. The fabric’s tiny holes will make it breathable while remaining opaque, a requirement for hijab-wearing women.

Here’s a look:

Okay, I know I’m just an ignorant infidel, but as I understand it, the hijab is required for purposes of modesty. Some Muslim women believe they have to wear it or else their uncovered heads will inflame a man’s lust. That’s what they’ve been taught.

So what’s the purpose of pairing it with skintight leggings? Guys will go rape-crazy at the sight of your bare head, but not every single contour of your legs and buttocks?

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29 Comments on Nike Says Goodbye To ‘Just Do It,’ Hello To ‘Just Subjugate Women’

  1. American women seem to have a soft spot in their hearts for Muslims, Sharia law, and Hijabs. maybe the government could pass a law on their behalf making it mandatory wear for all females over the age of two!

  2. What about male muslim athletes?

    Is there a line of wood-chipper-resistant athletic wear? Acid-resistant swim caps?
    Or sweatpants with a velcro rear trapdoor that says “allah luvs sodomy” on the seat?

  3. well, that pretty much GUARANTEES I’ll never buy any of Nike’s shit again.

  4. I think that’s less of a hijab then it is an al-amira, Hey, look it up! Anyway, I think it’s a little dumb but I haven’t got anything against a hijab (or an al-Amira :)). To me as long as the face is shown they could wear a crow on their head as far as I care. When the face is covered though it is an attempt to eliminate the person inside and to make them anonymous even to themselves. No burka, no niqab. Those that seek force women to wear them seek to enslave them.

  5. Yap, MJA, you’re right. The point is to also render their body shape invisible. So men don’t go crazy with lust, of course, as you say–and that’s the explanation I hear the most from Muslims themselves.

    They never do explain this nonsense, though, or why they then put little girls, even babies, in hijab.

  6. @Lisl Everything excites those backward third-world POS’s to lust, so they need to start covering the goats, too.

  7. So long Nike. I’ll drag out my sewing machines and make my own sportswear before I’ll spend money with that company.

  8. So what’s the purpose of pairing it with skintight leggings? Guys will go rape-crazy at the sight of your bare head, but not every single contour of your legs and buttocks?

    MJA, you’re making the mistake of assuming we’re dealing with sensible people here.

  9. Eugenia,

    Check out Under Armour products. I stopped using Nike products a long long time ago because they don’t hold up. Under Armour management also supports DJT. Good stuff.

  10. When they come out with their nike burka, they can place the swooshes so they look like eyebrows. That should be a lot of fun and also be a big seller for them.

  11. If I could draw, I’d draw four pictures; a western outlaw with a bandana over his face, a KKK member with his face covered by a white hood, a modern armed robber with his face covered by a ski mask, and a Muslim woman with her face covered by a niqab. I’ve give my drawing a caption, “This is why we don’t like face covering in America,”

  12. Inquiring minds want to know: If the purpose of the muslim “do-rag” is to prevent men from becoming sexually inflamed, then why don’t they make their goats wear them as well? Just sayin’….

  13. it’s all about modesty-don’t show any skin that arouses the males. But to cover the head is stupid- Sure, women and girls should wear proper clothing that does not cause a male to lust-such as bikinis or low cut dress’s.
    There are many so called Christian women that I see wearing provocative clothing and they are tempting the men– don’t get me wrong- I DO NOT like muslims- but I am also disgusted at so called Christian women that flaunt their stuff…. Keep it all simple-keep it all descent. Put the head scarf around your azz and cover up.

  14. Also moving in the very wrong direction: Britain’s Amateur Swimming Association (governing body of all levels of competition including their Olympic trials) just announced a rule change that now allows burkinis in competition. Obviously problematic on many levels.

  15. Do they explode or burst into flames if they come in contact with an infidel? God, I hope so.

    Never bought Nike, never will.

  16. I won’t buy any of Nike’s shit (see above)

    I won’t buy any of Under-Armpit’s stuff because they cut off their sponsorship of a woman hunter after her hunter husband legally killed a bear in Canada with a fuckin’ spear and a measly 4,000 special snowflakes started a boycott because of it and Under-Armpit caved, in essence saying FUCK YOU to all the hunters they were so assiduously wooing.

    I won’t buy any of Huk’s stuff because the upper management are a bunch of douchebags and they’re all rejects from Under-Armpit, Nike and other mega mfgrs.

    I reckon I hate just about any so-called “performance sportswear” because a) I don’t want a clingy, sopping-wet-with-my-flop-sweat shirt sticking on me while I am fishing and b) all those balaclava-style facemasks with hideous colours & patterns are the apparel-de-guerre of all these fascist, astro-turf violent paid professional anti-Trump anti-America Soros rioters.

  17. I know of the Goddess Nike, what is this clothing
    thing you talk about?

    But, on the other hand, just another tool that makes
    target acquisition that much easier.

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