Nikki Haley Dismisses Grounds for Impeachment and Triggers Never Trumpers


Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley set liberal and (newly liberal) #NeverTrump heads on fire Friday when she poo-pooed the Democrats’ basis for wanting to impeach President Trump.

Haley’s remarks were taped for this weekend’s edition of “CBS Sunday.”

The Washington Examiner:

“I don’t think it’s good for us to ever want a foreign country to investigate an American,” she said. “That’s just not something we want to get into the practice of doing.”

However, she still dismissed the impeachment proceedings, saying, “I also don’t feel comfortable with the fact that we’re having an impeachment process during an election year.”

The latter part isn’t really surprising, given the weak candidate offerings the Democrats have before them despite a record large field. They no doubt believe that their best shot at weakening the president and deflecting from the still-strong economy is to keep saying “IMPEACHMENT!” every third word until November of next year. read more

12 Comments on Nikki Haley Dismisses Grounds for Impeachment and Triggers Never Trumpers

  1. Support for the president from this back stabber? She’s only speaking up to burnish her own credentials and it’s solely for her own benefit. She watches the trends and realizes her past criticism of the president has hurt her in popularity and is trying to gain back the losses. She’s just another snake we’d do well to purge from the ranks.

  2. …and … she repeated the MSM lie that President Trump asked Ukraine to investigate Biden. He didn’t. Besides we have a treaty with Ukraine to share info and resources to prosecute corruption. And foreign governments SHOULD investigate Americans who commit crimes in their soil!

  3. She’s a sell out, plain and simple. It smacks of desperation to seek or accept an endorsement from the likes of her.

  4. Speaking of allies, I don’t know how many people peruse Free Republic ever but one of their greatest aggregators of news and knowledge died today:;page=1

    I’ve been a lurker there for over 20 years and this man has probably been the most prolific and indefatigable curator of timely, relevant and accurate news sources that I have ever come across on the internet. Additionally, the way that he comported himself with others who attacked him, especially those on the same side, is a standard that I’ve never been able to live up to.

    Anonymous people on the internet enriching your life for nothing more than the love of doing it. Sad day.


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