Nina Simone’s family blames Kamala Harris for taking away singer’s estate

NYP: Nina Simone’s granddaughter has accused Vice President Kamala Harris of “taking away” the legendary singer’s estate and handing it over “to white people” — leaving her so poor that she is considering “stripping to pay my bills.”

“My family doesn’t run her estate anymore. It was taken away from us & given to white people,” RéAnna Simone Kelly tweeted Saturday, with her mother later saying she supported her “1,000 percent” in “speaking the truth of our family.”

“Our family name was DRAGGED in the media. We get NO royalties, nothing,” Simone’s 22-year-old granddaughter said of a 2013 legal battle over the estate’s handling when Harris was California’s attorney general. more here

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  1. Réanna, Ifeel your pain.
    Kamala gave the estate to WHITE PEOPLE!!!
    I would only be worse if the white people are JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS

  2. I will support your stripping career one dollar at a time.

    Just think of all those dead white guys in your garter belt. That will totally fight the power.

  3. “She was accused of “breaching her fiduciary duty” when she allegedly drained up to $2 million from its coffers, including a $1.5 million deposit into her personal company…”
    I’m not going to link to a that rag website Daily Screech, but I wonder if there was clear evidence she did these things. If so, Karma’s a bitch. “My Baby Just Cares for Me” didn’t work out for Nina.

  4. I can’t stand Camel Toe but,

    Apparently this is not such a clear cut story.
    There were allegations that the estate was being mismanaged. It would not be the first time that little darlings endlessly bilk investments of their ancestors.
    I will dig in further, as i am interested in the music.

  5. Since she has no education or skills her only option is to strip to pay her bills. I guess she wasn’t using her grandma’s money to actually prepare for her future.

  6. I don’t know about any of you other white devils, but I got a nice chunk from Nina Simone’s estate.

    Hey ReAnna: how do you like my new car?! Thanks!

    Dumb fuck.

  7. I may not have a clue about contract law, but didn’t Simone’s daughter sign over her rights to her mother’s estate? Don’t really believe her daughter walked away with nothing, financially.
    Still, sounds like KamalMao pulled a fast one – pun intended.

  8. The daughter is fortunate she looks like her dad. Her mother, mean, talent, looney Nina was not a looker…just sayin.

  9. 99th

    I think she did. But the Law should be forgiving and understanding. It should not take advantage of people. Mean while Kami Toe gets hit in the nose with a sledge hammer to look more black. Well maybe if she was a prize fighter. Eventually you gotta just tap out of the bull shit.

  10. Brad, what you said sounds about right. Also, estates are a nightmare (even with a will), especially if the person is famous and the families can profit financially.

    LOL! Yep. “Passin’ for Black” Harris is full of crap and has no comparison. Her maniacal cackle proves it.
    I think she scamned the Simones because they were gullible and Harris is a greedy, heartless cow.

  11. ^^^^ “compassion” not “comparison”. Too many leftard comparisons to choose from, unfortunately.

  12. Based on what Simone’s family reaction about her estate and handing it all over to whites, it definitely sounds like it runs in the family, according to, and with the help of Wikipedia.

    Simone was very popular back then and really had a captivating voice to black, as well as, many white folks (including myself).

    However, after reading her Wikipedia narrative version of her life, one would gradually get the impression that the mean old white folks were all racists, which invariably turned her into a civil rights activist, while continually construing all her failures in her life being directly due to white people, according to the Wikipedia narrative citing some rather laughable examples (typical in Wikipedia – aka, “Wiki”):

    Once, at 12 years old she allegedly (according to Wiki.) demonstrated her piano talent by performing at her local church consisting of a classical recital. She was cited of her saying that her parents had originally taken seats in the front row, but was “forced” to move to the back of the hall to “make way for white people”. She allegedly witnessed this action during the midst of her recital, which she then refused to play any further until her parents (her mother being a Methodist minister – quotes, Wiki.) were moved back to the front. Without any further elaboration as to whether her parents returned back to the front row again, or that other folks had previously reserved seats in the front row, or some other final conclusion of this allegation Wikipedia abruptly changes the subject with, “…and that incident contributed to her [Simone’s] later involvement with the civil rights movement”. Immediately following this brief mention, Wiki ends this paragraph that her mother was a Methodist minister (whether or not of the church where this incident occurred) and that her father was a handyman who at one time owned a dry cleaners and that he “suffered bouts of ill health”’ Here, there is no further elaboration related to his “bouts of illness”, whether some medical illness, alcoholism, or anything else.

    She then attends a private high school for girls in Ashville, NC. After graduation, she spent the summer at the Julliard School as a student of Julian Friedberg and submitted an application for an audition at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philly, where only 3 of 72 applicants were accepted for the year 1950. And, her application had been denied, along with 70 other applicants.”

    Thereafter, as Wiki continues, “For the rest of her life she suspected that her application had been denied because of racial prejudice, a charge the staff at Curtis have disputed”, but, nothing about pathological paranoid racism of the imaginary (or not) victim. She then studies under Vladimer Sokoloff, a professor at Curtis. No further information supplies the affording of the money involved for private lessons with professors, leaving the reader to fill in the blanks, including the possibility of yelling discrimination and/or racism every time she doesn’t get what she wanted by taking advantage of white guilt. The final straw was that Simone could not re-apply due to the school not accepting students over 21 as a matter of policy in the early 1950s. No further elaboration as to whether this was yet another form of discrimination. But, no evidence was dragged forward and, thus, Wiki leaves the reader to draw their own conclusions.

    Her ongoing seeking for lessons and/or work follows in the third paragraph and does hint at her source of income after finding a job performing at the Midtown Bar and Grill on Pacific Avenue, in Atlanta, Georgia. She then was asked to sing as well as play the piano, which earned her a seemingly pauper’s pay of $90.00 per week in 1954. In today’s wages, this comes to a little over $900.00 per week, which is not pointed out by Wiki. Pretty slick. In addition, this is when she began her stage name as, Nina Simone.

    This cleverly-written screed-like biography, which constantly brings into the weave of the piece, the hidden hint of anti-black racism by all American whites, which coincides with today’s marching orders attempting to sway Wiki’s hints via perceived “narratives and facts” that racism has, and continues to pervade the United States and is perpetually systemic and endemic.

    This has been a flagrant and ongoing characteristic of most all of the biographies of African Americans found in Wikipedia, which appears as the modus operandi behind their biographies in a deliberate attempt to divide and foment greater racism into everyday, curious seekers of information, biographies, and deeper information about their favorite, beloved (or hated) and/or renowned individuals in areas of the arts and sciences, without knowing that the main foci of the Wikipedia is primarily the race (if black, sometimes other races) of the individual and race relations of these individuals involved and described throughout the course of their lives.

    The above review covered merely three of many dozens of paragraphs about the life of Nina Simone and is fairly typical of Wikipedia being yet another willing useful idiot in helping to fundamentally transform the thought, history and culture of America as many of us know or, increasingly, knew it.

    See for yourself:
    Ref. Link:

  13. I’ve deduced the only color these militant blacks AREN’T offended by is GREEN. They hate whitey, Asians, Hispanics, as well as other blacks.

    It always comes down to money.

    I propose weening them off the George Washington poultice, give them their own currency, (Dashiki dollars?), let them trade amongst themselves. They can create their own NASDAQ, healthcare system, commerce system, and technological determinism to build back the generational wealth of which they claim they’ve been robbed.

    RISE up my Afrikaan Kings and Queens! The utopian segregated world you desire awaits. Just beware evolutionary hierarchies are essential to the advancement of any society….choose your slaves wisely.

  14. @Brad – “They should have hired a white attorney to represent them. Just sayen.”

    white joo lawyer would have been better.

    no sarcasm, just agreeing with you Brad

  15. We’ve all heard this story before. Whenever a black ‘star’ of any degree goes tits up the surviving family members pick at the carcus like vultures until they all wind up in court battling and hating each other. Think James Brown, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, et al.

  16. She could have had endless support in her claim until she threw
    “White People” under the bus!
    Most “White People” have way more compassion than Kamala.


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