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Nina Turner Takes Warpath Ends Up Lost In Hypocrisy

Ohio Democrat and Bernie Sanders supporter, Nina Turner had a harsh response to Hillary Clinton’s “off the reservation” comment given by the Presidential hopeful earlier in the week.


In trying to speak for all Native Americans, former Ohio state representative Turner failed to comprehend the hypocrisy of her own party’s acquaintance to illegal immigration.

“Let us not forget that the colonists of this country stole the land from our Native American brothers and sisters and government put them on reservations. So we have to be careful with that type of language”


What’s the difference between “colonist” stealing land from Native Americans back then and illegal immigrants coming to steal this nation today?

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  1. Nina can kiss my 1/4 Passamaquoddy Indian, 3/4th’s Euro-white butt. First, the Indian side of the family detests the term ‘Native American’. They prefer to be called Americans. 2nd, Nina speaks for no one but herself. 3rd, every thing that comes out of Killary’s mouth is offensive. 4th, my father’s people are ‘off the blueberry farms’, ha ha, and not the rez. 5th, Nina embraces illegal immigrants at the expense of her own people.

    Nina is a Grade A loser. Jon Hustead trounced her with over 60% of the vote. She was and is irrelevant and now she is unemployed.
    She can crawl back under the Detroit-Superior bridge with the rest of the winos and junkies.

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