Ninja Defense Skills Are Now Portland Mandatory

Antifa Attacks the Wrong Car

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  1. Good self control. Not sure he should’ve stopped as long as the guy could still breath. I see he climbed back in his car and took up his resting posture in the seat again. Cool customer.

  2. Antifa slime can burn down Portland’s city hall, or demolish any of the Oregon state buildings they want for all I care, but attacking a Federal building affects my tax dollars. Federal agents can beat those asshats into bloody pulps as far as I’m concerned because they are causing the waste of federal tax dollars.

    And yes, if only one penny of my tax money went to repairing an Oregon federal building, that’s still way more than any antifa butt wipes are worth.

  3. I am from the old school,

    When a bully gets up close….punch his lights out, it’s the fastest way for them to learn.

  4. The Portland mayor had the nerve to tell federal marshals they are not welcome in “his” city, but demanded Homeland Security come in and clean the graffiti sprayed on buildings by the mob.

    In a just society, that son-of-a-bitch would be the first killed in a civil war. I’m talking head shot from one of our marine or army snipers. Then I’d make antifa clean the gore off the sidewalk.

  5. “They were lucky he did not go full Legolas on them…”

    That was hilarious!

    (about the guy with the arrows in the BACK OF THE CAR!!! OMG, awesome well trained take down that was. He has a vest on of some type btw…)

    Unfortunately I think he dropped his phone at the curbside, when he got out of the car, and they have it now. Not sure if that means anything given password access.

  6. That brings the biggest smile to my face every time I watch it. I, too, wish that he had gone further in bringing whoop ass to that young punk, but that was his call to make.

  7. This is going to go on until the rioters are rounded up and hung. If we’re ever going to get back to normalcy those thugs need to be dealt with by death.

  8. All those punks standing around while their comrade is taken down and not a one of them seems terribly interested in attacking the guy from the car.

    Well, that was kinda fun.

  9. KEVIN speaks a truth as shown in 10,000
    years of human history…. they are like
    locust and harpies.

  10. I have seen comments saying that the guy in the car was drunk and looked unconscious and was staggering when he got out of the car. The only person most drunks put on the ground is themselves.

    These punks are in for an ass whooping they won’t soon forget. Not everyone is like Mayor Nutless.

    And imagine the nerve of the President of the United States calling on federal officers to protect a federal building. Of all the nerve!

  11. Ninja like skills will be necessary in a future society so take a class, tell your children, your grand children, at the very least get trained in self defense.

    That guy was taken down in two or three moves. Grab, Push and TRIP more or less at the same time.

  12. “shotgun pellets cannot be traced back to a particular shotgun”

    “once you shoot them, drag them out into the street and act surprised and say you didn’t hear a thing if asked about it”

    just saying.


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