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Ninth Circuit: Right to Bear Arms Includes Right to Acquire Arms



The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled Monday that the right to bear arms has historically included the right to acquire them, and remanded the case of Teixeira v. County of Alameda to the lower court.

Teixeira revolves around Alameda County zoning rules for incorporated areas that not only require a gun store owner to obtain requisite local, state, and federal permits for the business, but also make sure “the proposed location of the business is not within five hundred feet of a ‘[r]esidentially zoned district; elementary, middle or high school; pre-school or day care center; other firearms sales business; or liquor stores or establishments in which liquor is served.’”

After being denied the requisite county permits to open “Valley Guns and Ammo” — due to complaints of persons within 500 feet of the proposed business — Plaintiff John Teixeira contended that the “500-foot rule” was tantamount to a backdoor ban on gun stores. And while there was some question over the exact distance between the proposed store and some of those who complained, the issue for Teixeira turned on the right of due process and other rights protected by the Second Amendment.


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  1. Let me expand on the plight of California resident gun rights. We are facing on onslaught of legislation designed to abolish California residents gun rights. The Gay Hyspanic Coalition has gone so far as to hijack other bills and rewrite them in redundancy in case the original bill doesn’t pass. It’s unheard of. The Gay Hispanic Coalition does not share our American heritage. Pay attention. You are next.

  2. Bill, The battle line has been drawn here. There’s a bunch of us FFLs that are sticking it out and fighting the fight. I don’t think handing them the victory is constructive or benificial. Wada think?

  3. Good luck,but I think your state is far far to the left. It’s like a badge of honor for them to
    take away everyone’s guns. As long as your in good health fight the fight but it can really destroy your sanity.

  4. Bill, It all sucks. If we don’t stop them here they’ll be on to what ever state you live in sooner or later. And where’s the NRA in this fight? Non existent. But watch them try and take credit. Keep your eye on CalFFL. If anybodies got a few spare nickels send it to them. They are leading the charge in Cali.

  5. what are you trying to say Mule? oh I get it- that’s the kind of language that usually comes out of an ass’s mouth. Have a nice day

  6. At the rate CA is going, we need the border wall all along the eastern and northern borders of CA.

  7. All weapons should be banned. After the gov’t has got all of them from the military, guard, sheriff’s and police, and when they’ve collected all from the criminals, then the gov’t can start with the law abiding citizens.

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