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NJ Dealers Must Carry ‘Smart Guns’ Under New Law

Smart guns, guns that have been in development for some time, are made with technology that will limit the gun’s ability to fire only by the person legally responsible for the gun. These guns use either a fingerprint reader or a chip worn by the user and a PIN pad to unlock the gun. Several gun manufacturers are expecting to have these smart guns available sometime this year.

Red flag! New Jersey has a law that was passed in 2002 that bans the sale of any handgun that is not a smart gun:

6-24-14 NPR
Basically, the Childproof Handgun Law of 2002 says that once “personalized handguns are available” anywhere in the country, all handguns sold in New Jersey must be smart guns within 30 months.

“It actually doesn’t matter if the gun has been sold,” says David Kopel, a policy analyst at the Cato Institute. “If there’s just one available for sale anywhere in the United States, then that triggers the handgun ban. So who would want to sell a smart gun knowing that, by doing so, they’d be imposing a handgun ban on New Jersey?”

The response was quick and intense. Both Engage Armament and the California store were flooded with angry calls and messages from people who consider the New Jersey law an infringement of the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms. Raymond says he received multiple death threats. Both stores quickly backed down on their plans to sell the Armatix gun.

“I don’t think the reaction was at all surprising, because it’s viewed as being a gun control push,” says Lawrence Keane, vice president of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the firearms industry’s trade group. Keane says his organization opposes New Jersey’s mandate to sell only smart guns, but he says the foundation is not opposed to the technology itself.

So, a new law was passed in 2019 to replace the 2002 law:

7-17-19 Guns.com
New Jersey has had a smart gun law in place since 2002, requiring licensed dealers to only sell handguns with user recognition technology, but it has been in suspension as there are no such firearms on the consumer market. The bill signed this week by Murphy, a Democrat, replaces the dormant law with one that requires gun dealers to carry at least one model in their stores should they become available in the future.

1-11-22 The World News
Guns coming to market could trigger a 2019 New Jersey law requiring all gun shops in the state to offer smart guns after they become available. The 2019 law replaced a 2002 law that would have banned the sale of any handgun except smart guns.

“The other side tipped their hand because they used smart guns to ban everything that’s not a smart gun,” said Scott Bach, executive director of the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs. “It woke gun owners up.”

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  1. Test for the new (not-so-smart) gun………MAKE the law enforcement and politicians’ body guards buy it, carry it, use it. If they don’t want to use it/it doesn’t work for them (and they’re supposed to be the bestest and the brightest GUFFAW!!)…………well, maybe we, the people, will get lucky and Darwin will throw a little chlorine into the gene pool.

  2. Only a fxcking Libtard would force you to carry an inferior weapon with less mag capacity than the criminal that’s trying to kill you. If they allow you to carry one at all. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.

  3. Yeah, they are doing this to save us money, people!

    One round, stop, tell your smart gun why you need to shoot one more round, it thinks for a minute and then allows you to shoot one more.

    You’re dead.

  4. Claudia – The moron mentality of Liberal thinking: When a gun has to take time to “think” about something it would be like waiting for Mr Rogers to strap on his cardigan sweater, take off his shoes, put on his tennis shoes while singing “Would You Be My Neighbor”!

  5. Put one in you gun shop with a $50,000,000 price tag and then you can prove hat no one wants to buy it.

  6. I knew he was military, but I did not know he was a sniper.

    BTW, how “smart” is a gun that gets you killed because it is too slow?
    St Peter would say “Tell me again how you died… there’s the Down elevator”

  7. America’s Quebec.

    Quebec is initiating special a Tax on the unVaxed, is anti-gun, & actually the most rude province in Canuckistan.

    Sounds like an American Democrat stronghold to me.

  8. Offering one for sale is easy to do without actually buying it first and having it on display. No financial boon for the maker and no financial drag/risk for the gun stores. They either sell, or they don’t.

    If they truly deep sixed the 2002 law’s structure, and the only thing they are wanting now is for the stores to offer them for sale – it’s do-able if they aren’t restricting any other guns because of it.

    As stated before, it will either sell, or it won’t. Free market instead of totalitarian oppressors forcing inferior choices on you. If that’s how it plays out, it might help kill or refine the “smart” gun.

    P.S. I’m sure it doesn’t have a shot negotiator step for each trigger pull, but that was funny, Claudia. It’s just about recognizing it’s user before it’s a shooty thing. Making things more complicated and dependent on new-fangled electronics, with new-fangled software, always works out for the best. Right? RIGHT?


  9. Time for another gun & ammo buying spree. I think I’ll get another high capacity .308 and another 12 gauge Mossberg. Plus lots of ammo for the rest of my weapons.

  10. ” I think I’ll get another high capacity .308 ”

    This clown either knows nothing about guns and is trying to be cool, or he’s a piece of shit Troll.

  11. ” I think I’ll get another high capacity .308 ”

    Make sure is has interchangeable full auto clip magazine speedloaders too and don’t forget the tracers!


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