NJ man charged in attack of elderly man wearing MAGA hat

Breaking 911:

Somerset County Prosecutor Michael H. Robertson, Chief of County Detectives John W. Fodor, and Franklin Township Chief of Police Richard Grammar announced the arrest of Ryan M. Salvagno, age 19 of Amwell Road, Somerset, New Jersey.

Prosecutor Robertson stated that on Monday, February 25, 2019, at approximately 3:24 PM the Franklin Township Police Department received a call reporting a dispute at a grocery store on Elizabeth Avenue. Upon arrival, officers found the 81-year old victim suffering from minor injuries. He indicated that after purchasing his groceries and exiting the store, he was confronted by a male, later identified as defendant Salvagno, regarding his “Make America Great Again” hat.

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14 Comments on NJ man charged in attack of elderly man wearing MAGA hat

  1. Thanks PHenry, been trying to find picture of him. From what you provided I see he sucks as a human being and a wrestler.

  2. Naw suh, he a good boeh. Lawd naw, he din do nuffin’ like dat. Dat ol’ cracka man PROBOKED heeim!

  3. Lazlo is to old to take an ass beating.
    Got’s me a hand held scattergun with belly ammo
    Real mess maker

  4. I’m still waiting for the first person wearing a MAGA hat to shoot, possibly kill, someone who assaulted them because of the hat. The MAGA assaults would stop beau coup quick, for the same reason that the college takeovers stopped after Kent State.

  5. These ass wipes would prefer to have the Clinton/Obama hat “Make America Even Poorer” hat. Not much wisdom in that pointed head, going after an old guy just because someone gave him a hat.


    The man should have reported he said, “Redneck” or “Honkey” during the assault, that would have brought, “enhanced” charges. So what if it isn’t true, black people make that claim all the time.


    You have the right to be armed and defend yourself, not wait and call the nanny state to do it for you.

  7. Perry — That’s really quite an idea, there. I wonder what people would say if we started wearing a blue cap that reads:
    “Go Back to No Jobs and High Taxes”

  8. Thanks PHenry for the photos. As soon as I clicked on the Breaking 911 story and saw there was no photo of the perp, I knew. Although the name threw me…must be an Italian in the wood pile.

  9. Looks like quite the athlete that has excelled in chasing buses and losing.
    Although the name threw me…must be an Italian in the wood pile. HAHAHA!
    Great one Tony R,,,

  10. Those damned Amish!

    Charged as a “Hate Crime” by any chance?
    Naw … didn’t think so …

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Why is this not a hate crime? A young black man attacks an elderly white man. If a young white man attacked an elderly black man wearing an Obama hat, would that be identified a “hate crime”?
    Where is Jesse, Al, Maxine and all of the other black leaders?


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