NJCommission Recommends Two Forms of ID for Ammo Purchases

Breitbart—The New Jersey State Commission of Investigation (SCI) recommended lawmakers revamp rules on ammunition purchases to require two forms of identification before a person is allowed to buy a box of bullets.


According to NJ.com, SCI also recommended lawmakers “adopt an electronic tracking system similar to the one used to monitor prescription drug purchases” so that digital records of ammunition purchases are readily available.

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23 Comments on NJCommission Recommends Two Forms of ID for Ammo Purchases

  1. This is one of the reason’s I didn’t want that fatfuk Gov. of theirs running for Prez. He’s as much a gun hater as hilldabeast.

  2. how are inner city blacks going to continue to kill off each other without bullets?
    abortion only helps up to birth, after that they need their drivebys.
    there has to be a turnover to make room for all the incoming illegal immigrants.

  3. How does that comport with “shall not be infringed?”

    If NJ can pick and choose what parts of the Constitution and Amendments to enforce and which to ignore, can they re-institute slavery? Can they deny the vote to the politically inconvenient? Can they make eating Krispy Kreme donuts mandatory?
    Where the fuck is the DoJ on this?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Isn’t it also illegal there to have ammo for a firearm you don’t have a NJ permission slip for?

    Remember, the NJ State Police uniform is where the NAZIs got their look from. Looks like that’s not all they have in common.

  5. This is how stupid the left has become. Of course we cannot have the same for voting. That would disenfranchise illegal aliens, criminals with felonies, stupid people and dead people when they vote. Is the average american too stupid to see this? No, that is why Trump beat the commie dyke in the election.

  6. no ID required in neighboring Pennsyltucky, Merryland, Dellyware … jus’ sayin’
    … oh …. and for your own protection against government (state, local also) intrusion, please use cash whenever you purchase

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