NO, Biden was never a teaching professor at University of Pennsylvania

What an effin fantasy world this dimwit lives in. Problem is, no one in the media will confront or correct him. I have no idea why, it’s not like he’s black, gay, a woman, gender fluid, or any of the protected classes. He’s an old white guy. Oh… he’s a lefty.

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  1. The best Joe did was marrying a doctor and a renowned artist/investment banker/energy CEO for a son.
    This teacher stuff is exaggerated.

  2. Jackass Joe couldn’t teach anything… unless it wuz a class in misleading, dissembling, double-crossing, double-dealing, equivocating, falsifying, fibbing, inventing, misrepresenting misstatin, prevaricating, two-timing, committing perjury, outright lying and fucking up!!

  3. With his continual lying, particularly his false self claims, I say it’s time to investigate his birth certificate.

    That Corn Pop tale was a diversion, Joey Shitpants is Kenyan I tell ya!

  4. “Pants Shitting 101”
    “Lying About Anything 201”
    “Plagiarism for Fun and Profit 444”
    “Destroying America in One Year or Less 102”

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. 101 – Profiteering for Office Holders
    201 – Advanced Profiteering aka 10% for Big Guys
    102 – Beginner’s Guide to Plagiarism
    301 – Advanced Sniffing and Groping
    401 – How to Shower with your Daughter

  6. The husk really does look like a husk. He’s getting worse by the day, any person with even a liberal’s brain can see it. But, everything is fine, in fact, it’s better than fine, it’s Bidentastic! Why can’t you all see this? My sainted granddad looked better at his funeral than Biden does on his best day. Truly scary times we are living in.

  7. The only thing the boneless chicken Joe Biden can lay claim to is being a nickel-stiff who rolled sleeping drunkards.

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