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  1. the dumber and more insane the population gets, the easier for dipshit politicians and community organizers to herd the sheep in their direction.

  2. Oh Here We Go … Does anyone Need to see this Shit ? Seriously, Kid With Low to No T ! Pull your shit Together, You Cut Your BALLS OFF So… Get a Maxi Pad and Shut up !

  3. This girl needs mental help.
    I’ll do my part but,
    not being a medical professional,
    all I can do is stand in front of her and laugh.
    But I’ll *try*…because I *caaaare*!!!

  4. I don’t know what is more perverse, a woman trying to become a man,
    …or the fact that it takes pictures of itself in an extremely disgusting state of affairs (the hygienic equivalent of having a wad of snot all over the shirt) and posts it on social media to inflict emotional guilt on the rest of society for some perceived injustice of this cold world on hapless beings like itself.

    So much cringe
    The horror, the horror.

  5. Betcha his parents (if he has any who give a damn) are so proud of their boy. If he were my son or related to me I’d kick his ass for being so stupid. My son’s blue Smurf hair and his pierced tongue when he was 18 was bad enough but this is beyond the pale. Incidentally my brother in law who is a Dr. and my son’s namesake did threaten him when he pierced his tongue and it got infected to yank it out with a pair of pliers.

  6. All this picture proves is that insane women have cycles just like sane women. She can dress up like a man all she wants, but she’ll still be an insane woman at that time of the month.

  7. Botched vasectomy OR…just ‘Deep Cadmium Red with a teaspoon of Orange’? Why no ‘Pussy Hat’ too, or would that clash?!?


  8. Social(ist) media has fostered this sickness. In the Beforetime, mental patients were picked up and treated, escapees maybe camped out in an alley, locals saw them, pointed and quietly used them as negative examples to their children.

  9. if this girl wanna be was my child-they wouldn’t be my child for long- on the other hand my child would never have grown up to be like this- butt kicked-set straight (pun) and a firm hand. Parents-raise your children or don’t have children.

  10. Hey! Let’s have a little more *tooolerance* around here!

    After all, if Jimmy Page can go around
    singing proudly about
    the lemon juice running down his leg….


  11. A trans male. Which means that’s a woman pretending to be a man. She’s got a convincing androgynous look.
    These very sick minded “fluid gender” lunatics are so far gone they think they finally have control of their lives. Control they desperate wanted when their sexual identities were destroyed as children. Leave it to the left to “help empower” the insane.

  12. this young girl is attracted to other girls. so she pretends she is a man, to get her gal. which is interesting since most homosexual relationships have a dominant partner, like mom and dad., who is despised.

    but she is not a boy. nor will she ever be. and to encourage or be silent is as smameful as her action.

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