No drinks for MAGA hat wearers in New York

Spero: A New York City bar is being sued by a Pennsylvania man who alleges that he was refused service because he was wearing an iconic red “Make America Great Again” cap. Accountant Greg Piatek, 30, of Philadelphia alleges that he was denied service at The Happiest Hour on West 10th Street in the West Village watering hole. In addition, he claims that his pro-Trump attire got him kicked out of the establishment, too. The suit is now before the Manhattan Supreme Court.
Piatek claims that the manager showed him the door after saying “Anyone who supports Trump — or believes what you believe — is not welcome here! And you need to leave right now because we won’t serve you!”  more

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  1. Let’s see if the court awards him the same amount as the baker in Oregon who refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding. (Don’t hold your breath.)

  2. The linked source refers to the snubbing as Entertainment and doesn’t even mention the bar by name?


    The Happiest Hour on West 10th Street

    Geez, iotwr.

  3. I think business owners have the right to refuse service to anyone, whether you’re a baker not wishing to make a gay wedding cake or a never trumper.

    Everyone is too eager to use the judicial system to bully on their behalf.
    I wouldn’t want to give my money to that establishment.

  4. I don’t see the legal basis on which this guy can sue.

    “Political opinion” isn’t any sort of VICTIM CLASS
    protected from “discrimination” laws like homos, feminazis and muzzieterrorists
    (as in sexual so-called preference, gender, religion)

  5. Moe – I agree. Use the Alinsky rules and force the fascist leftists to play by their rules – you make me bake a cake for gays, I make you serve me while I’m wearing a MAGA hat (or a Rebel Flag hat – I have several and they also say “Have A Nice Day”)

  6. The court ruling will be interesting. If he loses then depending on the how the court writes the judgement (and it would be as tricky as hell) it will give support for business owners to refuse to serve any client. I don’t think it would matter if they were a protected class as a decent lawyer could argue that if one identifiable segment of society can be offered no protection then all identifiable members of society ought not to get special protection. See that one roll to the SCOTUS. If court rules against the bar then going forward a good lawyer can argues that all special protections currently in force for some segments must be able available to all. Like to see that one in the SCOTUS as well.

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