No Eating and Driving in Chris Christie’s State

That’s like Cuomo issuing a No Driving While Being Smug law.

Lisa Evers, Curtis Sliwa’s ex, reporting-

My9 New Jersey

12 Comments on No Eating and Driving in Chris Christie’s State

  1. This can’t happen soon enough around here, it’s like driving in zombie land. When you call one of these idiots out by honking at them, they flip out.

  2. This is just another way to fill the coffers of local government. Police, etc. are worried about their pensions so they have an incentive to fleece the public.

  3. Funny, no video of someone getting a Lewinski while rolling down the freeway; guess that’s still OK in Jersey?

  4. Yes Officer, please tell us all about distracted driving while you’re giving an interview with a microphone in your face at 40 mph.

  5. Ever look at what’s installed in a trooper’s cruiser or cop’s patrol car? If “distracted driving” is dangerous, those vehicles should be parked. Permanently. All the training in the world won’t make them “safe” if eating while driving isn’t “safe.”

  6. Exactly! No sense of irony or hypocrisy as he’s flapping his hands around for effect while filming a propaganda interview while driving… although it may have been a little difficult to make out in the video due to the amount of electronic equipment and the laptop screen partially blocking it from view!!!

  7. So it’s OK for the cops to have all this distraction because of their training, seems to me the answer would be special training for people that want to eat and drive, problem solved.
    Yeah, just what we need another state run school ” eat and drive school).
    BTW, I’m not anti cop, just anti bad cop.

  8. BigFurHat ~

    The cop’s safe with Lisa. Once saw her deck a clown who charged at her during a live report. She’s a martial artist.


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