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No Explanation Given for Death of 27-Year-Old Male Model

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Jeremy Ruehlemann passed away on Sunday. The male model, born in New Jersey, was 27 years old.
Though no cause of death is known at this time, news of Ruehlemann’s death was announced on Facebook by his childhood friend Gianni Simpson.

During his life, Ruehlemann grew as a top American male model after leaving his psychology studies in 2017 to pursue a fashion career. He quickly became an industry star, modeling for brands including Christian Siriano, John Varvatos, Joseph Abboud, Superdry, Macy’s, Zara, Nick Graham and Atelier Cillian. Ruehlemann was represented by Soul Artist Management, as well as Next Models’ London and Miami branches, Core Hamburg, IMM Brussels and The Mgmt in Sydney. Additional

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  2. The same MSM types who won’t say why a young, healthy person died are hiding cause of death the same way they hide the race of criminals. Not that names like LaDariouth or Shaniqua aren’t enough of a clue.

  3. According to his father from the Washington Post, he thinks his son died from an over dose. His son had been in rehab previously but couldn’t quit the pain killers. Except for, he has finally escaped his pain.

    @Brad: Your first comment wasn’t insensitive. Your second comment is true, but people who stepped up and decided it was prudent to get jabbed, are living with the daily fear of dropping dead. Scott Adams is one of them.

    From Rolling Stone (Scott Adams): “There are a lot of people living in fear right now,” he concluded. “Again, you know, I’m one of them. I don’t mean to keep harping on this, but I’d be lying to you if I said that two to three hours of my day aren’t spent trying to think of how much damage may have been done to my heart.”

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