No Force on Earth


Say, remember when the Federal Government derived its power from the consent of the governed?

Quaint, that.

Not anymore my friends.

Now, the Federal Government derives its powers from itself and from the mighty pen of Obama.

Consent of the governed be damned.

Will of the people be damned.

Of the people, by the people, for the people be damned.

Last night, Barack Obama, speaking to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus proclaimed the following:



14 Comments on No Force on Earth

  1. “No matter how bold I am, nothing I can do will be as comprehensive or lasting as a Senate bill. Anything I can do can be reversed by the next president.”

    What you said, Dianny, and he is also doing his usual shifting of responsibility and blame to other people. I predict he does this EO before the election just to throw a wrench in the works and bait Republicans.

  2. I think that deep down, Obama is one angry black dude. His life has been one long menstrual cycle, and I don’t think his pussy is going to stop hurting anytime soon.

  3. Never has been for me, Mr. Curtain.

    His hatred is palpable.

    He seethes with contempt and disdain for America and all things American.

    It’s as clear as a flashing neon sign for those who have eyes to see.

  4. The contrast between Obama, Bush, and the press is striking.
    Bush fired some attorneys a few years back, which was his prerogative.
    The press and democrats howled for months, actually you can still hear it brought up from time to time.
    Whereas this prick…crickets.

  5. He sounds just like the pharaoh who defied God, persecuted Moses and Israel. Hopefully, Barry will suffer the same fate.

  6. No force on Earth maybe, but the True and Living God always has the last word. God is just and Obama will get what he deserves for all the evil he’s unleashed on this world.

  7. Pray, ye faithful.

    He may be removed by his own party, if there are any Americans left in it. Two more years of this? I just don’t see how it can be.

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