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No Holding Back on Punishing the Left

American Thinker

We no longer agree on basic issues nor will the Left tolerate peaceful disagreement, but the relationship of fear has yet to take its place. Oh, there is fear, but it is one-sided. The right is afraid of the Left but the Left laughs off the right.

It is high time to rectify this situation and introduce into the American body politic a mutual-fear pact. Only concern for their own skin will ensure that the Left keeps their worst impulses in check. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative for the new Republican Congress to go all out on delivering the pain to the Democrats. More

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  1. Yep. Remember that Steve Bannon was convicted and sentenced simply for not responding to a subpeona from an illegitimate panel (out on appeal), so Psaki must receive the same treatment. And so on.

  2. YES, YES, YES! Hold them accountable. We want trials for treason and long jail terms and executions to prevent this crap from ever happening again.

  3. And I can almost guarantee none of this will happen. Republicans will not do anything to the dems just to show that they are trying to “reach across the aisle” or some other happy horses..t
    I honestly see no remedy for our current state. Sad but true

  4. “Therefore, it is absolutely imperative for the new Republican Congress to go all out on delivering the pain to the Democrats”

    I’m trying to picture Lindsie Graham, Pierre DiLecto and Murkowski scowling and wearing brass knuckles.

    Nope. I can’t even pretend to think it possible. Paul Ryan defending a conservative in a bar fight is more believable. (iow, laughably preposterous)

  5. American Thinker, UnAmerican thoughts.
    Congress is the Senate & the House. Republicans gained control of the House only. Dems control the Senate.

    This form of thinking will end up nowhere
    . But heck the House will be a lost cause for the next 2 years anyway the only sure fired thing to pass is giving themselves a pay raise.

  6. Right now I think there’s actually three different parties. You got your Progressive stone cold crazy anti American democrats. You got your Mitch The Bitch RINO Party, and then you have your MAGA GOP. I call it the MAGA GOP because I believe 99.999 percent of registered Republicans identify with MAGA. So in order for the self serving POS MITCH THE BITCH RINOs to retain power, they are part of the big cheat too. Look what just happened in Alaska. RINOs passed those screwed up voting laws not Dems. AZ was facilitated by RINOs. They’re even worse then libtards.

  7. This hinges on the Republican congress? Ain’t gonna happen. The handful that are willing to inflict this form of pain will be overruled by those that spout the virtues of bipartisanship. The word bipartisan coming out of the mouth of a Republican lawmaker means taking it dry in the rear end with a smile.

    Don’t believe McCarthy. He’s telling lies that we’ve mistakenly come to accept from the political class.

  8. In order for Justice to be served an order of physical force has to be applied. So, not only by whom but by which side is the force aligned? Without that on OUR side we have nothing. Think DOJ FBI Judicial etc.

  9. We ALL know exactly who the treasonous anti Americans are. The Lamo Twisted Sisters who want & support their pricktator into power.

  10. follow the law intended for everyone instead of party affiliation

    remember the deviant, deranged, evil pedo-liberals/politicians thought they’d get amnesty from being treasonous, anti-america bullies
    then they realized most people want them to receive the consequences of their actions

    desperate people will do anything to hide the truth

  11. Go along, to get along McCarthy lacks the leadership ability and principles to engage the democrat communists and RINO wimps who are complicit in perpetuating the Clown World displayed by the House and Senate the past 6 years.

    McCarthy is a for-show, toothless, soundbite, paper tiger with no growl and no real bite.

    Prepare for more of the same, no leadership, no outrage, no punitive outcomes, just more made for TV press conferences and more go along, to get along.

  12. Let’s just cut to the chase and save some electrons/words: RINOs see NOTHING wrong with treason/corruption and celebrate it when it’s to their monetary and “social” advantage. The author was correct – only fear, pain and at least occasional deaths will make any difference.

  13. Anyone who thinks the Republican establishment is going to do a thing to frustrate their dear, dear friends across the aisle is awful damn slow on the uptake.

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