No! I said, “Sit!”

h/t Rick.

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  1. Way back before the Internet, and UPS, you had to order special car parts out of the back of magazines.
    Then wait.
    I waited three weeks for a carburetor rebuild kit.
    It finally came in. I put it on the shelf in the garage – I would get to the repair on the weekend.
    On Friday I get home and find my $50 rebuild kit in little pieces all over the yard.
    Why in the world the dog got up on the shelf to get to that carburetor kit I’ll never know.
    But that’s what happened.
    Doggo had to sleep outside for quite a while.

  2. Dogs I’ve had have pulled a few surprises like that from time to time. When I got done laughing I may have made an attempt at punishment but I can never follow thru and they seem to know it.

  3. Imagine how many times people who are hard of hearing have misinterpreted a word and then double it when you say “wanna go for…” to a dog. Mine stop listening when I put my socks on…

    Love the lrd (little red dog) to pieces.

  4. @Brooke: The capper was when she tore loose the outside faucet from the house, flooding the yard and resulting in a god-awful water bill before it could be shut off.

    For the second time!

    Can you say, “going back to the animal shelter”, kiddies?

    And this is the dog I’m supposed to save before saving a human being?


  5. Had a neighbor with a terror-ier. That dog was the most destructive animal I ever encountered.

    Tramp ate a big stack of hundred dollar bills, the bottom of the stairs inside the house, a foil pack of hemorrhoid suppositories, tore a hole in my garage, would jump into other people’s cars to beat up their dogs, and attacked a fully firing roman candle on the 4th of July.

    I really hated that dog. But it was more his owner’s fault.

  6. I adopted a dog once and the 1st day we were working on toileting arrangements. I would take him out on a leash, let him sniff hoping he’d do his business. he’ look at me puzzled, then we went inside.

    after a few iterations, he came over to me and stared intently, and I said to him in despair “I just KNOW you have to sh*t”. he promptly sat and looked very pleased w/ himself. I guess he figured we were finally communicating and found a common word we both knew and it could only get better from there. he was the easiest dog I ever had.

    by the way, it’s clear to me prager has never deeply loved a dog. I pity him.

  7. Wasn’t my cash. Not my problem. Neighbor didn’t use credit cards so always carried a bankroll.

    He made a fortune selling million dollar plus homes.
    Loss of cash probably didn’t faze him.

  8. @eternal cracker p: (Ignoring your insult) No, this dog might have been a reflection of it’s previous owner, but it was a worthless, destructive SOB from the day my daughter picked it out. Even the guy at the animal shelter told her she might want to consider adopting a different animal, but she was determined to have it. I’ll never go against that kind of advice again.

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