No immunity: State judge who helped illegal alien escape to face rare trial

JTN- A Massachusetts judge is one step closer to facing a federal trial on charges that she assisted an illegal immigrant in avoiding federal apprehension.

A federal judge last week declined to dismiss charges against Massachusetts District Court Judge Shelley M. Richmond Joseph and now-retired Massachusetts trial court officer Wesley MacGregor.

Joseph, MacGregor, and a defense attorney are accused of helping a Dominican man evade being taken into custody at the Newton District Court by ICE agents after a 2018 hearing on criminal charges including drug possession. Prosecutors say the man had previously been removed from the U.S. twice and was barred from reentering the country until 2027.

Approximately one month after his escape, the fugitive was apprehended by immigration authorities, according to the Associated Press.  more

16 Comments on No immunity: State judge who helped illegal alien escape to face rare trial

  1. The dumbocrats will do all they can to stop justice from harming a hair on this criminal judges head or butt.

  2. Once tried, convicted and sentenced, put The Judge in the General Pop. And all the guards take a break……at the same time. Oh, and all the cameras lose power……at the same time.
    Remember, Epstein didn’t kill himself.

  3. Too Fuckin bad for her. What if the guy killed someone during his flight.

    We just had a guy released from jail after gun charges and threats against his girlfriend, kill that girl since being released, while awaiting trial in Toronto. Now the local politicians are talking tough on crime while doing nothing.

    Fuckin liberal judges kill more people than inanimate guns ever did!

  4. An attempt at getting our plebeian “level two” justice for an immune “level one” deepster.
    We already know that ending. After it drags on, the whole reason for it will be forgotten and a wristslap Might occur, maybe.

  5. We had a female judge in Portland literally let an illegal criminal out the back door of the courthouse to avoid ICE. She had to appear before the judicial fitness board where she was promptly exonerated. But Bill Barr is the new sheriff.

  6. Make her wear her judicial robes in prison! Don’ hold your breathe waiting for Bill Barr.
    His war on crime was more a skirmish.


    For those government officials who violate the public’s trust. It’s the only thing that keeps them in line, and for some, it still wouldn’t.

  8. It’s taken 2 years for this? No wonder they feel free to flaunt the laws.

    There are no consequences for them doing it. This is one judge out of how many? If they win in November, Biden will give her the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

  9. If the Left succeeds in precipitating ACW2, their minions like this judge will be executed with extreme prejudice to correct wrongs and warn others to not abuse their power.

    Her actions makes me think that vigilante justice and reprisals against traitorous judges and politicians is just around the corner and can be easily justified.

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