No migrants will be settled in Poland

Breitbart: Poland Rejects European Union Migrant Redistribution Plan.

The Polish ambassador in Rome has rejected the new European Union migrant redistribution agreement, stating that no migrants will be accepted in Poland.

Ambassador Anna Maria Anders said that the government in Warsaw would only welcome migrants who share linguistic and cultural traditions with the Polish people, Italian newspaper Il Giornale reports.

“The EU wants redistribution, but we do not change our point of view. Warsaw is already doing so much. In Poland, there are two million Ukrainians, many of whom have fled from war zones. They integrate well, share in part our language, traditions, and culture,” Anders said.

She went on to stress the importance of Christianity in Poland, saying: “The role of Christianity is a glue of the Polish nation. And this must be respected.”

“For almost half a century we have not had the opportunity to show our flags, to freely demonstrate, to sing our slogans and anthem. Now, we have the freedom to do so and it is not possible to be dismissed as a nationalist just because we proudly reveal our identity,” she added, referring to the country long years under a communist puppet regime during the Cold War. read more

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  1. “Breitbart: Poland Rejects European Union Migrant Redistribution Plan.”

    “Breitbart: Poland Rejects European Union Maggot Redistribution Plan.”

    Fixed it for ya!

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Meanwhile, Polish citizens can walk about freely without fear of being knifed, run over by an SUV, or blown up.
    How dare the Polish leadership protect Polish citizens. /s

  3. They have taken in 2 million people who share their language, culture, and religion. There is no chance they will accept any none of the above applicants.
    So it should with all of Europe, most of them are on their knees kissing azz. The conquest of Europe has begun.

  4. Poland got carved up enough in the last few centuries.
    Don’t need any more carving from muzzies.
    The rest of the world should take a hint from Poland.

    P.S. “refugees” my ass.

  5. …guess we have to repackage all those old Polish jokes into Swedish and German jokes, seeing as how they’re the TRUE idiots these days…

  6. We truly abandoned the Polish who wanted very much to be part of the western world after WW2. Those who escaped the Nazis fought very hard with the hopes of remaining free. Britain & the Frogs left them to Stalin.

    It is amazing how much they value their current freedom from Russia while most of the EU is bending over for a different type of invasion.

    Go Poland!


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