No More Black Targets at the Shooting Range

The No More Black Targets campaign argues that shooting ranges and instructors should not use “menacing” black targets, and is petitioning to end the practice, citing trigger bias.

“Young black men are 3X more likely to be shot by trained shooters than their white peers,” notes the site for the campaign. “A disturbing potential correlation: The most popular target for shooters to learn to use their firearm is a black silhouette. Unconscious bias can be deadly.”

A petition by the group intends to call upon the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors to end the use of black silhouette targets.

The group references a study by University of Illinois researchers that concluded shooters were more likely to fire at a black target.

One of the researhers in that study, Yara Mekawi, told National Public Radio in 2015 that people were “quicker to shoot black targets with a gun relative to white targets with a gun. And…people were more trigger-happy when shooting black targets compared to shooting white targets.”

It is not the first proposal of its kind. In 2015 a lawmaker sought to ban the use of human silhouette targets in Pennsylvania for all but law enforcement use, arguing they perpetuate violence.

The No More Black Targets petiton had 18 signatures as of Feb. 17.


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  1. Since she studied psychology with an emphasis on racial discrimination, I can’t imagine her findings being anything other than this.

  2. They just politicized ink and paper. The range I go to has many options from Zombies, mutant creatures and plane old cheap black target. I bought the cheap black target because they were cheap. Now I will buy them because PHUK YOU!

  3. The guy we used to shoot at the range looked Italian with a broken nose and a menacing look, pointing a pistol right at us. We used to call him Guido. Whatever happened to him?

  4. When is the question how much more likely blacks are shot by blacks going to be addressed? Or that the numbers of any particular race in prison over others being because of the proclivity of that group to commit more crime?

    If Libtards want to question these things, the answers to other questions that result might not be what they want to hear.

    I don’t discriminate when I choose a target.

  5. “The guy we used to shoot at the range looked Italian with a broken nose and a menacing look, pointing a pistol right at us. We used to call him Guido. Whatever happened to him?”

    Tommy. I shot him.

  6. Who knew that black ghetto “rappers” who are getting shot in droves even HAD white peers? Where are they? I call BS.

  7. Man, I am confused.
    They don’t want to be called n…..r, or black, but want to be called “african american”. That means they don’t associate with the term “black” anymore.
    So, WTF?

  8. Leftists seem determined to protect everything black or brown and eradicate everything white. So how come they want to save the polar bears?

  9. @BadBrad. Beat you to it. I bought an obama chia head in 2012 when I still ran a blog of my own (disrupt the narrative) and was figuring out what to do with it after Romney victory.

    When obama won reelection I drunkenly slammed it into my concrete patio.

    Still find an occasional shard of obama head from time to time.

  10. I thought Obama and his progressive mafia were out of office. Fuck them ill shoot at whatever I want.
    I suppose watermelon is out too

  11. The 75 heavy bags in my gym are all black leather. I guess it encourages punching and kicking black people (the blacks hit them very hard btw…) so I assume they must all be removed and replaced with white leather bags.

    Why aren’t there any female silhouette targets being shot at on the firing ranges? Dont the feminists find that to be exclusionary and non inclusive and demeaning ? Lets start blasting away at butch dyke targets.

  12. Truckbuddy,

    Dude, no Tannerite for the contest. Pistols at 21 feet. To be judged on cranium splatter and speed with up to 10 targets. Long guns 500 meters. Judged on direct hits and again cranium splatter. Let’s do this.

  13. Geezo, now I have to worry about going 10-8 on someone with full body monkey tats? GMAFB.

    The reason for silhouette targets was after WWII and pre Korean War was, failure to engage or; intentionally miss. There was a re-direction in training due to shooting at only a 10 ring target.

    It is not natural for a person, war or not, to take the life of another human being (unless you’re a chicago/L.A. lowlife). Thus, the silhouette target came into employ for engagement.

    But, can we print in another color besides black on a white background? Maybe mauve against fuchsia? Wait, that won’t work, maybe…

  14. I went by the gun store/indoor range the other day. There was a lady in there shooting her new Glock at a pink silhouette target.
    The owner couldn’t help but notice my smile and winked.
    I told him I didn’t know whether to be happy or sad.
    Oh yeah, ordered a new rifle, Henry Big Boy, steel, .357/.38.
    Funny, it’s a pound and a half lighter than the shiny brass one.
    Everybody knows black guns are more lethal to black targets.

  15. @MoeTom, Guido’s been getting his ass shot off here in CT! Not by me, I’m a cheap bullseye kinda guy. I just splurged on some splat targets. They look like fun, and it will be easier to see my hits.

  16. IDPA and IPSC targets are tan colored cardboard. I cut mine out of scrap cardboard boxes, using an official target as a guide. They are lower contrast than black on white targets, so there better for training.

    Black ink is used because it’s cheap.

  17. I brought a countdown calender featuring Obozo to the range. I asked the range officer if it would be OK to shoot at images of the POS. He said no problem and when I was done shooting, he would piss on it before tossing it on the burn pile.

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