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No More Honor Guard At NFL Games During National Anthem


The NFL is preparing to end the use of military honor guards to present the American flag ahead of the national anthem, according to reports.

A league source claims that the policy benching military, federal, and police guards is part of its COVID-19 response, according to Front Office Sports. More

28 Comments on No More Honor Guard At NFL Games During National Anthem

  1. Yeah, well I said EFF OFF to the NFL a while ago – so just Eff them again and twice as much!

  2. So why do they bother playing the games here in America? Just do them on Zoom from Venezuela. That’ll cover COVID and socialism at one fell swoop (emphasis on “fell”).

  3. It’s time for a new sport. Let’s sell ‘BLM’ tags – like they do for deer (turkey, elk, etc.). Limit of 5 per person with legal hunting hours from dusk till dawn. BLM season will last until temps drop below 50 degrees, as this ‘species’ will disappear until the spring. It’s up to you if you want a wall trophy. (DISCLAIMER: Tags not available for hunting in mama’s basement.)

  4. That would be too bad if the military cancelled fly bys.

  5. So just how many nail does it take for the National Felony League to seal up their coffin? Never watched a whole NFL game in my entire 73 years and I never will.

  6. I have no problem with this AT ALL. As a matter of fact remove all references to region or country. Well at least the USA flag.

    The American flag belongs on a battle or training field/sky where REAL heroes train, fight and sometimes DIE.

    DONE WITH IT ALL. Let these sports ‘businesses’ implode on themselves.

    I say that as a fan that enjoyed those flyovers and participated with major flag unfolding ceremonies in the old Shea right before Citi Field was built.

    Well I did not personally participate, I photographed the Post___ American Legion from up in the stands as they marched onto the field.

    There is a business racket with the NFL and the Military and it’s not good.

  7. No one cares, but I have only hate for the NFL organization, the owners (in my team’s case the board of directors) and every player that supports this crap. They can all rot in Hell. I will not watch another game.

  8. One requirement to be in the NFL is the ability to run fast with the football under your arm – as if you just stole hubcaps off a car. Another recent requirement is you must have your hair in filthy shitlocks. And yet another is to speak in ebonics. And finally, you must have been charged with domestic abuse at some point.

  9. This is so sad, especially since math has been declared racist. My friends and I are going to miss our favorite pastime: betting on which would be a bigger number…the total game score or the sum of the IQ of the players.

  10. If you watch the nfl or nba you are part of the problem.
    Do something else with your time.

  11. “….part of its COVID 19 response…….”
    Suuuuuuuuuuure………uh huh……riiiiiiight……..okay………I believe you………(not)…….

  12. I wont know if the honor guard is there or not there. I wont be watching because when the NFL contracted KKD (knee kneeling disease) I quarantined their hate America asses in the “no longer watch box”. No longer care about their games, their player draft, any and all reports about players, coaches, owners, teams moving to a different city, team rankings, etc. Don’t care, not a smidgen.

    However, it is disappointing they’ve decided to continue sprinting in the wrong direction by laying another brick in the we hate America wall. Well, I can lay another brick in the I hate the NFL wall. After all what’s their message? Oh yeah, the message I hear is – we hate America, build us a new stadium. Where we highly paid morons will have a new place to show you how much we hate what you love.

  13. I lost interest in NFL when Don pointed out that GWB’s BFF Goodell was in charge!
    Have not watched a Super Bowl in 3 years.

    2020 had the smallist % ofAmericans watch EVER! Ticketsales and TV watchers have been on a 4 year down trend WITH GOOD REASON

  14. I wonder how much the military spends on advertising during NFL games. I haven’t watched the NFL in years but as I recall there seemed to be quite a few spots. Maybe it’s time with falling tv ratings that the military redirects it’s advertising dollars to a different sport/event. Isn’t the NFL about to re-negotiate the broadcast contract? I gather the last contract was huge allowing the massive player salaries and owner profits. Hell, maybe the cities that took it on the chin giving sweetheart stadium deals to NFL teams start to demand new deals as well.

  15. Maybe they’ll just have Goodell stand at midfield waving a BLM flag.

    Doesn’t make a shit to me as I’ll not be watching anyway.

  16. The NFL just keeps digging that hole. The hole has gotten deep enough that they are no longer digging a hole, but burying themselves.

  17. Like Biden, Roger Goodell has been wrong about most decisions he’s made. After sucking up to Kaepernick, causing ticket sales to plummet, NFL owners gave him a massive pay raise, only to watch him empty more stadiums. Those fools deserve the financial devastation they have to face. Oh, one more thing NFL: FU, KMA, ESAD.

  18. Why do the police continue to work any games or provide security for the teams?

    I know why…money. But still, its providing security to the people who throw bricks at your head and bailout rioters.

    Their throttle is only directed towards a hard landing. Help that plane crash in a field with no survivors.

  19. Blithering idiots, they’d rather bow to the extremists than be responsible to the American fans and investors.
    I never had very much interest in watching anyway, now I have absolutely none.
    I can’t stand even a glimpse of these groveling assholes.

  20. Maybe use the rainbow flag and associated color guard in drag.

  21. They could use the “boi/boi-gurl/tranny scouts of Dystopia!”

    THAT would be more their speed… 🙄

  22. They are trying to get the fans back by not having players kneeling during the anthem it will go the way of the honor guards just wait for it. If the players want to protest do it on your own time NOT when you are supposed to be at “work” If the NFL wanted to actually do something why not give money to the teams in the cities that have riot damaged buildings and give the money to the small business owners who lost their businesses. That would be ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE.


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