No no, the OTHER one

Sorry Liberals, You’re Angry at the Wrong Whole Foods.

PJM: The perpetually outraged mob joined with the perpetually clueless gang in an epic case of mistaken identity that resulted in kale ending up all over their faces.

GOP Majority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell was named “Person of the Year” by WholeFoods magazine — a singular honor for Mitch who isn’t well liked by too many people lately.

“WholeFoods,” you say? The trendy, hip retail grocer that makes arugula sexy? Not exactly.

McConnell was honored by the publication WholeFoods, which wants the world to know they have no relationship whatsoever to “Whole Foods.” The reason for that is that after seeing McConnell honored by the magazine, the loony left went bonkers and many vowed never to shop at Whole Foods again. read more

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  1. …you know, if you have nothing better to do with your day than worry about politicians getting meaningless awards from companies that you never heard of and get outraged if they do, this would suggest that you have WAY too much time on your hands and should probably get a job, or a hobby, or something, and give your mental illness a rest for awhile…

    …talk about First World problems…President Trump has evidently healed the economy a bit TOO well if you can afford the TIME to track crap like THIS all day long…

  2. …it is a nice little schadenfruede, however, that liberal’s imaginations provide them with the same sort of betrayal that we got for REAL from Chikwhatever. And they aren’t very good at fact-checking OR admitting they are WRONG about anything, so it might just have legs as a boycott, for no reason other than a phantom generated in their own febrile little minds.

    …but what’s really in play here is that no one fears theft more than a thief. This is why traitors like Democrats are ALWAYS the most sensitive about treason, because they’re judging others by what THEY would do. I suppose if you go around all day sticking knives in other people’s backs, it just naturally has a tendency to make your OWN back flinch every time someone walks past YOU…

  3. sometimes my wife drags me to Whole Foods when we’re making groceries. I pay her back by harassing the store help with questions like….
    *do you sell organic ice?
    *can I have my groceries in plastic grocery sacks?
    *is your bread gluten-added certified GMO? I insist on nothing but the best GMO grains.
    *do you have any fried chicken?
    *where is the lard section?
    *when I heard this place was called Hole Foods, I thought this joint was a donut shoppe!
    *is your dog food made from organic, antibiotic-free horsemeat? My terrorist-hating Belgian Malinois has a delicate tummy.
    *the beers you sell, are they in biodegradable bottles?
    *and the topper, I demand plastic straws from the broad at the coffee bar. I don’t know what boils more – their shitty, watery coffee or their anemic blood


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