No One Embodied This Failure Of GOP Leadership Better Than Tom Price


President Trump’s Health and Human Services secretary Tom Price is out of his job after wasting over a million dollars in taxpayer money on travel expenses.

Price’s main job for the White House was to get an Obamacare repeal passed through Congress — a job he failed miserably at. However, that failure is now likely going to be overshadowed by his extensive misuse of public money.

The former Georgia congressman was very much a representative of the traditional Republican establishment. His policy agenda was all about taking away government benefits from average people while he lived a life of luxury on the back of the taxpayer. He had hardly any charisma and he wasn’t good at getting the one thing done all Republicans campaigned on doing for the last eight years.

With all of the screw-ups to remember Price by, there’s one memorable TV performance by the former cabinet secretary that illustrates an important failing of the GOP establishment.

It didn’t have anything to do with corruption or a lack of charisma. Rather it was a perfect representation of how Republican leaders accept the ridiculous moral framework of their liberal opponents.

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  1. Yeah, it looks like the establishment dirtbags are starting to drop like flies. Looking forward to the upcoming election. Wish there was a primary challenger for “Little Marco”. The backstabber has mixed loyalties and would be a better fit for some south american shithole.

  2. Worse, Price, as HHS Secretary, was the SINGLE PERSON who – with ObamaCare as it is – had the power to UNDO alot of the damages of ObamaCare, since the law has *tons* of references to “the HHS Secretary shall decide…”.

  3. Price appears to have been cut from the same cloth as Ryan and McCONnell. Power, perks and position over principle.

    If you follow the established country club republican’s recommendations for Agency appointments don’t expect them to miraculously display leadership and integrity to do the right thing.

    As McCONnell told us, President Trump doesn’t know how government works. The fact is the government doesn’t work for the people, it works for the chosen elite of the Uni party.

    As each day passes Trump recognizes he must rely upon his judgement alone to appoint competent & honest leaders in Key Agencies. Relying upon recommendations of the swamp masters (Ryan & McCONnell) will bring disloyalty and betryal of his agenda and its intent, to MAGA.

  4. I expected Price to do his job and oversee the repeal Obamacare. His brand of Republicans want to replace Obamacare with something better. Now, they are working to save it! This is what the Democrats/Socialists expected would happen when they passed this monstrosity. I’m glad he’s going out the door with a black cloud over his reputation, so that we won’t be hearing from him again for a while.

  5. Time to put McCain and Graham in the cabinet.

    …then when they officially resign from the Senate, fire them.

  6. So she does ⏺ RACIAL / GENDER bean-counting,⏺ and he doesn’t call her out.

    You lose the debate by not shaming them for that. It’s Ok to throw around some name-calling of your own once in a while, put them on the defensive.

    “Too many white men!” –ugh, attack you dumb white man!

  7. Andrea Mitchell: “When we looked at the Rose Garden and the celebration of this on Thursday, they were mostly all men and white men at that. There was no diversity there. Women’s health issues arguably are going to be disproportionately affected.”

    Tom Price: “We have binders full of women, Andrea.”

    ::face palm::

    I swear he wasn’t this bad when he was a Congressman.

  8. The shakedown cruise continues. I’m not alarmed, it was expected that POTUS Trump would have to rely on Ryan/McConnell to create a Cabinet. Both of them told him before the inauguration they would get behind his agenda from the day one and they lied. Ryan/McConnell are traitors to this nation. I believe this is only the beginning of what Bannon said would happen — that high-ranking people would soon be gone from the admin.

  9. Price was my rep for several years. He inherited a safe GOP seat. During that time he pretended to be a strong Tea Party supporter but never got a damn thing done.

  10. They should probably look at Mccain, Lindsey, and Ryan’s travels.
    Check mccain’s passport to see which terror organization he’s been visiting with lately.

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