No one is buying CNN’s Cillizza’s excuse about the gun crosshairs on his Trump gif

Daily Caller: CNN’s Cillizza Puts Gun Crosshairs Over Image Of President Trump.

CNN editor-at-large Chris Cillizza posted crosshairs over a GIF of President Trump in a Tuesday tweet.

The original tweet read, “Donald Trump, pointing to heavens to commemorate police officers killed in the line of duty,” and showed green crosshairs over the president’s face.

Cillizza later deleted the tweet and insisted that he did not add the crosshairs himself — rather, he blamed the GIF service used by CNN.

This reporter downloaded the Gif Grabber app and was unable to reproduce any crosshairs. The capture window to create GIFs is the same color green as the one shown in Cillizza’s tweet, but does not contain the crosshairs.

15 Comments on No one is buying CNN’s Cillizza’s excuse about the gun crosshairs on his Trump gif

  1. Chris Cillizza is a effeminate piece of crap, what a soy boy! Can’t even man up to what he probably did on purpose. He needs his full life to be doxed, bet there’s some real skeletons in that closet… come “out chris”!

  2. Of course not. He could see what the gif looked like. And he could have immediately deleted it and not tweeted it out. But he didn’t. Instead he only deleted it after he got hammered for it.

    I deeply despise these people.

  3. I expect outrage on the left that is directly proportional to the outrage at Palin for her targeting places on a map

  4. These people are itching for a revolution. They ravaged Sarah Palin for her “target” post about the Arizona congressional dist. that was held by Giffords, yet they daily call out the out-and-out assassination of anyone that they feel is apposed to their world view.

  5. Honestly? Something’s not right in his head — or in anyone’s head who would associate what looks just like a gun scope sight over the president’s head and adding text about slain police officers. Mental illness — and nothing else — is the cause.

    Subtle as a hammer — which is what I hope the SS brings down on him.


  6. Hey MJA someone in Akron, OH i s driving around pretending to be you. My husband and I were hunting for a newly opened barbecue place when I saw a new Lexus with an Ohio vanity tag ‘MJA’. WTH????

  7. He was hacked. He might have been operating the computer himeslf. So he doesn’t realize it yet. But give hime a few years. And he’ll know. He was hacked. IT’S SCIENCE.

  8. And the Wellstoning continues unabated. It’s the 2002 midterms all over again, and the Dems can’t see it happening before their eyes. And the Wellstone family today?

    “Earlier this year, the board of directors of Wellstone Action — an influential training group formed after Paul Wellstone’s death — dumbfounded Minnesota Democrats when it voted the late senator’s sons off the governing board. The ouster came after the sons, Mark and David Wellstone, raised concerns about overspending in areas of the organization’s budget — and after a dispute over the direction and priorities of the group.”

    Not a good time to be talking sense to Dems. But when is a good time?

    November is going to be a real shocker for the Dems. You think they are bitter and insane now? Just wait.

  9. Chris Cucharacha should be sprayed, then crushed by foot. I used to do it when I lived in the City. You just can’t get rid of the motherfuckers!

  10. Cillizza ain’t gonna like it when the Secret Service pays him an unannounced visit for threatening the President.

  11. That’s a FLIR night scope reticle with the designations switched. This guy needs to be investigated by the SS and charged. And CNN needs to be Blocked, Shut Out of anymore press briefings. They deal in fiction.


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