No One on ‘Jeopardy!’ Knows Who Michael Avenatti Is


Remember Michael Avenatti? Even the best of the bestJeopardy! champions did not know who the disgraced attorney was.

During Thursday’s Tournament of Champions episode, the three contestants were stumped by the $800 answer under the category “Lawyers, Law & Legality,” which read “this lawyer’s star rose while repping Stormy Daniels but fell after he was accused of trying to extort millions from Nike in 2019.”

The contestants, including record-breaking champion James Holzhauer, looked on blankly before time ran out and host Alex Trebek gave the correct response, adding, “his name quickly forgotten, obviously.” It was one of only a few clues none of the contestants knew during the game. more

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  1. Maybe the addition of few extra terms woulda painted a clearer picture:
    creepy, skeevey, dumpster fire, garbage truck juice, scumbag, crook, shyster, dick-bag, porn-broker, slut-jackleg, Bald whore-chiseler…

  2. Hah.
    This makes the fact that CNN has him on as a regular correspondent THAT much more hilarious. ;b

  3. This may be a good indicator of why elections go as they sometimes do. Generally speaking, most out there pay very little attention to many important details that could sway opinions and shape views. Shaping a view on a few sound bites is all most do. Too bad.

  4. That had to be a kick in the Nads for ole Avey….I could see Him

    sitting around with His Buddies waiting for His big moment on


  5. Maybe the contestants and viewers should spend more attention to current events (news items) so they can vote smart, than old dusty books and worthless facts that only show up on the show.

  6. Everyone who is sharing the clip on Twitter is getting attacked by Michael Avenatti. Nothing like telegraphing that this clip got under his skin.

    So much for the tough guy act. The guy’s a thin-skinned little douche.

  7. It could indicate that canuck asshole Trebek and his staff select contestants that reflect his leftism. Google: Ken Jennings, liberal asshole.

  8. Avinati should consider himself lucky; the more people forget him, the better off he is. However, When he has his upcoming trials, he wont be able to claim the jury pool was tainted by negative publicity!

  9. I rarely watch Jeopardy anymore, but just happened to see while channel surfing, contestants getting this question, and of course I knew the answer.
    Something tells me the phasing of the statement makes ambulance chaser Avenatti, a hero of the left for trying to set up President Trump, look bad and was too negative.
    The left leaning contestants decided to pass on answering to keep from being harassed by the leftist media for inadvertently implying one of their own is a sleaze ball lawyer.


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