No one pays attention to the guy in the purple dress – culturally, that’s not a good sign

Has Larry Fine with giant tits been normalized?

19 Comments on No one pays attention to the guy in the purple dress – culturally, that’s not a good sign

  1. I dunno about purple thing, but the blue and black walled off the white preventing her from doing more things and it worked, until she became a pole star.

  2. Assholes + Alcohol
    That lady was drunk.
    The ‘F the troops’ part makes me press harder on my time machine equations.
    I dearly want to bring Andy Jackson back, hand him an axe handle and turn him loose on that bunch

  3. Reality is an outdated concept.
    (Writing found in the bathroom at an insane asylum)

    Transgenderation is rarely pretty especially when it’s Auntie Joe.

  4. Two minutes of that screeching bitch and I’m so hot I need a cold shower. When she started wrapping her legs around that stop sign, … oh, oh, OH! Pass me the Kleenex box.

  5. Writing found in the bathroom at the Biology building:
    “E. coli eats shit!”

    And so do these little assholes!
    … and then spread it around everything within reach!

  6. I hate to say it, but what you think it is may not be what you think it is.
    A friend of mine posted a picture of herself on FB the other day, showing off the new blue eyeshadow she was trying out.
    Based on the overdone make-up and the way she has her hair cut, if I didn’t know her personally, I would have sworn the picture was a guy trying to dress in drag (badly).
    Are we sure the person in the purple dress ISN’T a woman (in the chromosome sense)?

  7. He’s an insult to women. It’s like his ‘drag-ism’ or whatever, is making fun of women. That’s why no one is paying attention.

  8. How they filmed this without rolling on the ground in uncontrollable fits of laughter is beyond me.

  9. The left thinks this man is expressing his sexual preference by walking around dressed like a woman, and they think this is a good thing.

    They don’t realize that this is actually an example of the patriarchy appropriating female fashion for their own self-gratification.

  10. Send them both to be isis brides. She will pray for the troops and purpple dress would not make it through the marriage proposal.

  11. OMG, I’d seen this video and couldn’t focus on anything other than the screaming banshee pole dancer, but my lord you’re right!

    To think IT got all dolled up and the doped up stripper stole IT’s thunder…


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