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No One Said They Were Smart

Salem antifa getting escorted away from Honky Tonk bar in Salem by Mexican bikers and patriots. Thank you to “Ray” for the video.

h/t Brad.

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  1. Damn these people are so fucking crazy and asshole-ish in the extreme. The badger, assault, & intimidate people when they feel the odds are in their favor. The pig whimmin in their ranks think nothing of assaulting even children, but when anyone pushes back, they try to play the chivalry card every time. Seriously, if you’re PantiFa, then it doesn’t matter if you’re ostensibly female (Your side doesn’t believe in such distinctions anyway, right?), you deserve a punch in the face, and you better get used to receiving them, because decent people are sick of you filthy scumbags.

  2. Reminds me of when they showed up at the Sturgis Bike Rally 2 years ago. Had to be escorted back to their bus by the police. Needed their protections.

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