No Police in Minneapolis?

What Are They REALLY Up To?

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  1. I hope there are no cops in any large liberal cities.

    It’s great theater watching my enemies destroy each other.

  2. OK…great, might be what is needed but Liberals will ultimately convert this approach /program into an Islam outreach, Drug are OK, Pedophiles are like you and me garbage heap…5 more years

  3. And the officers that did not re-apply?
    Smart money says that they simply hired on at another police department, and therein lies the problem. Bad officers are allowed to leave a department one step ahead of a disciplinary hearing and bring their bad behavior to a new department.

  4. “I may be poor, but I’m not immoral.” -saying during the Great Depression

    What happened to that?

    120 years of social engineering –> social monsterism

    “Progressivism” was started as “A hand up, not a hand out” by Republicans in the early 1900’s. Then, Democrats converted it to just a ‘hand out’ as the decades went by. Turn the calendar ahead 120 years. How’s it working out for us?

    It is not the role of government to begin with.

    The Republican ‘Progressives’ and their Democrat usurpers WERE AND ARE WRONG.

    He completely fails to identify these historical roots of the quagmire. It has no solution unless the government programs that led to it are stopped and people become responsible again for their own lives and their own conduct.

  5. No taxpayer funded security for elected officials. If they want to fund their own, they can.

    They should forced to sleep in the bed they made.

  6. Those things implemented for applying to the new Camden department looks like what has been required in every police department that I have been familiar with (not that it is a great number). Part of the written exam included a psychological component — and that was before you got the in depth evaluation later in the process.

    I used to know a high ranking officer in the Washington State Patrol. At one point he headed the Internal Affairs division. He went to a conference and met with people in similar positions in the east who had to deal with officers who committed burglaries while on duty. The worst thing he usually had to deal with was troopers who cussed in front of people. Difference in perspective, I guess.

  7. @Pete: “Bad officers are allowed to leave a department one step ahead of a disciplinary hearing and bring their bad behavior to a new department.”

    This sounds EXACTLY like pedophile priests.

  8. They will replace the police with:

    – Antifa
    – BLM
    – The UN
    – Muslim patrols
    – Criminals they let out of prison
    – Anyone else who wants what you have

  9. Little known fact:

    Hitler said he was victim of jewish privilege and that he would burn the system down if they didn’t make the changes he wanted.

  10. Downtown MPLS has been a shithole for years. That’s where all the gay bars and strip joints were ( like in any liberal city).

    Hennepin Ave (named after an early missionary) was the main drag. Many years ago some buddies and I went down to the strip shows there. My friend from H. S. who was far from scholarly says ” I don’t think that’s what Father Hennepin had in mind”.

  11. Been eyeballing the Wally World, Academy-Sports, Cabela’s and AmmoSeek type websites for ammo, stock, prices and level of reloading supplies.

    Its getting to look like the staged OBAMA Era Ammo shortage all over again. Except this time its the public ( I hope) buying it up.

    .223/5.56mm in 55 grain steel case, is now almost twice the price it was 8 months ago. Now $420/1000 vs $238/1000 back in Nov. and shipping is 3+ weeks for many ammo sites that can even get and promise bulk ammo shipping still.


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