No Right to Bear Bullets?!

Bill Whittle @ The Right Angle:  Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has solved the gun violence problem: Let’s just ban bullets!

Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?!

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  1. Somehow they think the text of the 2nd Amendment is what matters, rather the right to defend oneself.
    Of course they don’t believe that, but they think somehow that they can control the discussion.

  2. We can ban bullets because when the Constitution was written, they were talking about muskets. And everybody knows that muskets don’t use bullets.

  3. I think I’ll buy my progressive reloaded now so I can cash in on that black market. To any readers here, I’m taking orders now. Send me some money.

  4. Congress Critter Ramon Noodles strikes again. I think Hillary’s A$$ has finally gotten bigger than hers.

  5. This is stupid, because it’s an obvious attempt to undermine the second amendment by rendering firearms useless. Only a shitbag judge would rule such a law constitutional. Once again, scumbag democrats are trying to stoke a civil war.

  6. @ B-B

    If you don’t have experience loading pistol rounds…get some.
    It can be tricky and dangerous. For instance, powder volume is small. Very easy to undercharge therefore easy to stick an underpowered bullet in the pipe. Follow it up with a normal load and damage or desruction occurs.

    Ask me how I now this, wasn’t me or my gun, but a nice .40 S@W Springfield will never work again.

    Speed shooting is the most dangerous, of course. Therefore i store buy all pistol rounds. A progressive might be better buy why take the chance?, The cost savings is nil for pistol.

    Just my opinion…..

  7. .45-70
    Don’t reload much anymore. Don’t have time. But what I use to reload where pistol rounds. Had a killer load for 44 mg with dupount 296. Faster than a factory load with very little recoil. reloaded a shit load of 357 and 45 acp and long colt. Don’t tell anyone, but my favorite pistols to shoot are Colt Single Action Armies. Got a couple, ones a collectors addition all nickel. I can’t resist it, I shoot it. I love those things.

  8. I’m glad you have reloaded before. The only centerfire I load for is my .30-06

    Big Bore Blaçk Powder Cartridge takes my time. Loading is jusr a necessary chore. Id much rather hurl lead slugs down range at great distances.

    The Colt SAA is sexy.

  9. .45-70

    In Cali you need to register what weapons you want to carry on your permit. I have a Colt SAA on my permit. That gun has a certain advantage, to this day, in close combat.


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