No Screaming, Insulting, Vitriol or Name Calling

I am urging the #NeverTrump coalition to please watch this video. It’s 20 minutes long.

20 minutes is all I am asking. If you watch this and still say that you’ll never vote for Trump, which will help Hillary ascend to the presidency, then I have nothing further to add.

You have a resolve that will not be penetrated. It’s a resolve that has been built, not on weighing a Trump presidency versus a Hillary presidency, but with something that I will never understand, and is difficult for you to articulate. —–> video after jump

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  1. Not a never Trump.. just a Never Hillary ..I think Trump will be a fucking train wreck as a president..however Hillary will be a fucking train wreck with aids.

  2. The only consolation I can offer is that at least the Bernie supporters are as blindly obstinate as the Cruzers. Hopefully it will be enough to offset the #NeverTrump gang.

  3. It’s depressing that the Trump supporters say the #1 reason to vote Trump is that he isn’t Hiliary. I know Hiliary sucks, I’ve known that for 25 years. On the flip side, the left is saying the #1 reason to vote Hiliary is that she isn’t Trump.

    Remember that graphic that went viral in 2015 that said “No More 2016!” ? #NoMoreIn2016 included this phrase: “We are saying we will no longer vote for the Republican candidate because they are less worse than the Democrat.”

    and yet, here we are again……

  4. BFH, I agree that a Hillary presidency would be a trainwreck (and I truly could never vote for that harridan). But there is insufficient evidence that a Trump presidency would be less of a trainwreck. Trump has no guiding moral or philosophical principles that would allow you to predict his behavior. Cruz’s foundation was the Constitution. Bernie is a true believer in Socialism. Hillary is only out for herself. Trump? Unknowable. He and his great brain change positions by the hour.

  5. The reality is over the next 6 months a lot of things are going to happen that we can’t predict. What Obama has planned, terrorism, more mass immigrants flooding Europe and who knows – a Trump assassination attempt by some unhinged lunatic or a Russian Clinton email dump, etc. I’m ignoring the #NeverTrump – let them have their time to get out the denial and grief. I suspect it is going to be pretty hard to sit out or vote Hillary come November.

  6. Tony R, You,re painting with a broad brush when you include “Cruzers” with the Never Trump crowd. The Cruz people disagreed with the Trump folks on the path to save this country from the Left and RINOs. That’s all.bbHillary and Sanders are the left. They are everything I loath and they will never get my vote. I don’t like or trust Trump but I will vote for him over those two any day of the week. A drowning man will grasp the blade of a sword.

  7. To those who think Trump might be a disaster please remember that in 2008 McCain was the Republican nominee. I have little doubt that McCain in power would have competed with Obama on destructiveness. McCain never sees a skirmish that doesn’t need US troops to settle. I have much more faith in Trump’s management skills. If you watched The Apprentice over the years, you saw a pretty reasonable and intelligent business manager in Trump.

  8. In 2008 John McCain was the Republican nominee. Having McCain as the nominee would have been every bit as disastrous as Obama.
    On the other hand, if you’ve watched The Apprentice, I think you’ve seen a Trump that is competent and not irrational. I know I thought The Apprentice was goofy and never watched it at first, but my Mom actually recommended it for my kids, to learn some “common business sense.” She was right, it was actually educational. And Trump was impressive.

  9. @menderman – If you’re for Hillary Its okay. I was a Cruz supporter until he started in on laying of hands for public viewing. Christians know that is private and personal. Changed my opinion of him. Toward end of times there will be alot of false Christians to deceive us. And Im not saying he’s one, I would never say that. But Im being cautious with him.

  10. I believe Killary is an evil woman. I’ll put my trust in Trump. For all his brashness and tomfoolery, I believe he is a true American and we certainly need a change.

  11. One thing people are not considering is the so-called balance of power. I believe congress, whether democrat or republican will roll over for Hillary. I foresee gridlock with a Trump presidency…not a bad thing.

  12. Twenty minutes.

    More than enough time to murder Vince Foster and take his body to Fort Marcy Park.
    That’s not counting the time it took to remove the stained carpeting.
    Oh, add in the time to snatch incriminating files from Vince’s office.

    Am I forgetting anything? 👿

  13. There was a #Nevertrumper here yesterday– not naming names–who seemed to be pinning his hopes on a Cruz victory in Nebraska, followed by Cruz unsuspending his campaign and wailing down on an awestruck Donald with a force strong enough to broker a convention. That did not happen. I hope it was enough to turn his attention–and skills, no doubt– to the destruction of Hillary. We can be in a better position sooner if we want to. Your call, #Nevertrumpers.

  14. @Menderman said: ” It’s depressing that the Trump supporters say the #1 reason to vote Trump is that he isn’t Hiliary. I know Hiliary sucks, I’ve known that for 25 years. On the flip side, the left is saying the #1 reason to vote Hiliary is that she isn’t Trump.

    Remember that graphic that went viral in 2015 that said “No More 2016!” ? #NoMoreIn2016 included this phrase: “We are saying we will no longer vote for the Republican candidate because they are less worse than the Democrat.”

    and yet, here we are again……”

    That’s why it’s been my avatar for over a year. It may end up I vote for Trump in November, but it’s not a matter of getting over any grief for a failed candidacy, it’s a matter of believing a politician who’s convinced many of my acquaintances that he’s not a politician.

    And make no mistake, you don’t get to the point he is without being a politician.

  15. There must be some hope floating around North American Union Cruz… otherwise, Beck would be on his way down here to join his Momma.
    But I digress.

  16. As a conservative who stayed home rather than vote for McCain or Romney, I would gladly vote for Trump knowing that if Hillary were to get her hands on the Supreme Court, she would doom this Country for generations to come.

  17. “20 minutes is all I am asking. If you watch this and still say that you’ll never vote for Trump, which will help Hillary ascend to the presidency, then I have nothing further to add.”

    I want to own my own home again. I do not want to develop another sleep disorder because the last several years I’ve awoken in the middle of the night worrying how I’m gonna make ends meet with a wife and three kids. Another stress test waiting for me next year because the sharp pain in my heart feels like I’m gonna have a heart attack with the weight of the world on my shoulders? You think Hillary or Bernie is gonna help me ring in financial success? Hell. Do I have to apply for at least ANOTHER 600+ jobs the next 8 years with a democrat in The Oval Office?

    I’m not the only one out here struggling. Help a brother out.

    TRUMP 2016

  18. Jerry Manderin
    I’ve owned a Precision Machine Shop for 30 years. We are much smaller now than we’ve been. For shits and giggles the other day I pulled up a local customer list that we’ve done work for through out that time. They are all gone. OB. Only one guy can fix this.

    TRUMP 2016

  19. TO Menderman and guvlawguy

    You seem to overlook the fact in that graphic – identified repeatedly – that it was MODERATE REPUBLICANS who were nominated and lost.

    I trust neither of you believe trump is a moderate Republican (and please spare us the “he’s a Democrat!” crap).

  20. It’s really simple. If we go another term or two with essentially no borders; then everything else is meaningless. Which one leans toward a legitimate border?

  21. pageoturner

    Yes but apparently “Borders. Jobs. Put Americans First. Love of country. Successful.” are not conservative principles.

  22. >“No More 2016!” ? #NoMoreIn2016 >>
    Ya, I remember that… I made it.×150.jpg

    And what this was was a protest against Jeb being anointed the nomination before it began. It was a protest against not having our voices heard in the primaries.
    They were. Jeb’s not the candidate.
    It looks like Trump will be over the 1237, yet there are those salivating at the prospect that something can still be done to supplant the elected winner.

    By the way, AWD is for Trump. Why?

    Because as Ohio Dan so succinctly said-

    A drowning man will grasp at a sword.

    When you’re standing on principles, you must at least be sure what you’re standing on is sound. Not all principles are.

    Some people are satisfied knowing they stuck to their guns, because this makes them a cowboy, or something.
    I’m going to make a movie about a cowboy that stands on principles, ones that do not pay off at all for him or the people around him.

    I have to deal with this comment, after a 20 minute film of how corrupt, evil and criminal Hillary has been in the public sector –

    “there isn’t sufficient evidence that Trump will be less of a train wreck.”

    Again, if you think it is logical to reward Hillary, one of the worst evil corrupt politicians in my lifetime, with the white house because “Trump is a loose canon that might drift leftward,” or something, than what am I supposed to say?

    You prefer a lying, murderous, career criminal cunt who shouldn’t be anywhere near the oval office over a *possibly* too far left RINO who never broke the law while in politics but who says stupid things.

    YOU WIN!!!

    You want to drink the bottle labeled POISON instead of the bottle labeled COULD BE POISON, MAYBE NOT.

    Makes sense to you somehow.
    Go for it.

    (“You” is not you personally, but the you of #NeverTrump.)

  23. FDR in Hell

    And let us not forget that the Clintons insisted the US Park Service police investigate his death. Nothing but the best investigators for a dear friend from Arkansas.

  24. “You want to drink the bottle labeled POISON instead of the bottle labeled COULD BE POISON, MAYBE NOT.”

    That’s one heck of a campaign slogan FUR.

    Isn’t a guy like Trump exactly what the Framers had in mind for a President? A citizen legislator. I dunno. The more this goes on the more I think he’s the answer.

  25. Don’t really care what anyone else thinks or says, I’m voting for Trump. If he sucks after 4 years then we’ll get another President that sucks. Makes no difference to me as we’ve had hell for the past 8 years.

  26. Holy shit….Czar didn’t tell me to go fuck myself. Gonna put my snow tires back on the vehicle, we’re going to have a blizzard tonight in the northeast.

    Czar, I’ll answer your question about what I think he is by asking you to review a couple of the posts where you did tell me to go fuck myself (as the reason for your command).
    But I would also ask you this: if he were as much a Republican as John McShitstain, would you be in as much love with him as you are?

    This is not a trick question, nor is it put down. McStain talked about the same things that your guy did and didn’t sound too far from him “philosophically” either. Is McCain a Republican?

    That is my fear, and that is why I have grave doubts about Trump. I may hold my nose in November, or I may not, but telling me that I love Killary because I don’t love Trump is not going to move me one inch.

  27. FUR, I had viewed that video recently before you republished it..thank you Sir! True Clintonians, members of the Clinton Carte,l and family will NEVER accept what Hitllery and Slick have done, just like the Germans could not accept the death camps Hitler created and used for genocide…UNTIL DDE forced them after VE day to walk through the camps, holding their aloof noses into the crap to face the facts….”history repeats itself” is a tremendous understatement!

  28. Hiliary certainly should not be rewarded with the White House ever! I will never vote for Hiliary! Sadly, the other option is to vote for one of her biggest supporters and contributors and big contributor to the party that took away my health insurance.

    Strange times.

  29. That’s the other issue, Jaye.
    To me this isn’t at all personal, in that, I could vote for Trump and not worry at all that if he sucks excrement through a straw that I’m going to be shamed.

    I have to do what I have to do with what’s presented to me in the present.
    The best available option is to prevent Hillary from the presidency.
    I do not see sitting out as beneficial to me.
    I do not see Hillary as president beneficial to me.

    I’m weird. I vote for what’s beneficial to me.

    And if Trump sucks ass I’m there to tell the truth just like the truth I’m telling now.
    ‘I told ya so” and pointing and laughing will have no effect on me.

  30. Blaming Trump for having your health insurance taken away is a bit of a far bridge.

    Ya voted for Romney, didja?

  31. With Hillary you will lose your guns or have to shoot it out with her brownshirts when they come for them.

    Trump will not try to take your guns, because he is smart enough to know who the real enemies are and he knows that armed citizens are a strong deterrent to full out jihad – which he is now fully aware of and anybody can tell that there is no way in hell that Trump is going to allow the caliphate to have their way with America.

    So, guns or no guns? Pretty easy choice. That should be a top priority. It’s the 2nd amendment that allows us to protect our other rights.

    With Trump you get to legally keep your guns. And if you suspect that may not be the case, just think about how Donald would feel if he ended up on everybody’s shit list — better than half the country. That would be a very stupid business move.

    To Hell with Hillary, not jail, straight to hell.

  32. I keep hearing about this $100 a month health insurance that you had.

    What did that cover? Crutches in case you broke a leg?
    I don’t know anyone that was paying $100 a month for decent coverage, except you.

  33. Hillary will go for your guns.
    Hillary will go for single payer.
    Hillary will go after free speech.
    Hillary will not close the border.
    Hillary will go for amnesty and a free exchange of people across the southern border.
    Hillary will be open to Islam in America.
    Hillary will be for globalization and ceding sovereign power to the UN.
    Hillary will be all-in with global warming.

    I am not fearful that Trump will do any of these things.
    I’m not sure when the big fears on Trump kicks in that will start to balance the spread sheet.

    Trump might be open to raising the minimum wage for federal workers????

    THAT’S IT!!! I’m sitting this one out!!!
    Hail to the Queef!

  34. “I keep hearing about this $100 a month health insurance that you had.”

    The did away with that plan. They were charging by the pound. LOL

  35. What the #NeverTrumpers are doing is drinking poison, and hoping by doing so that we’ll die.

    Such is spite.

    Like the five million fuckheads who sat at home for in 2012 because Romney wasn’t “conservative enough”, this new group cannot see that the damage they are doing, while negatively affecting mostly old comrades in arms, is primarily destroying themselves.

    But they talk and talk of their “principles”, always principles. Principles, always without results or success. What have the Neo-Cons and “rock-ribbed” conservatives gotten us since 1994?

    Clobbered, that’s what.

    Principles. Conservative principles. What a circle-jerk.

    It might make you feel good while you post online 24 hours a day, your principles, but you’d be better off with a fucking job.

    It’s time for change. We’re The New Republicans. Join us.

    The #NeverTrumpers?

    They are The New Whigs.

  36. And Brad-

    Saw you comment above about what’s happened to your business and your old customers.

    Same here, friend. I wish I could get the last decade back, but it’s gone now, along with any hope of retirement until at least ten years further out.

    Only one man available in 2016 that stands even a 1% shot of changing that. And that man isn’t Hillary (nor was it Cruz).

  37. Fur, Trump has said he will do four of those things.
    That document somebody else wrote and put up on his website is interesting, but he is open about his disagreements with it.
    If he is not held to account for this stuff now he damn sure won’t be as president.
    The economic stuff he has been talking about lately is terrifying. Basically working out ways to cheat the holders of our debt when the largest holder by far is the US citizenry. He even said it could be solved with inflation and just printing money.
    Sounds like he learned economics from Sanders and Obama.

  38. Chief, what they’ve done to our economy might be their biggest sin. The Holy than though #NeverTrump people are never Trump because they can afford to be. Guys like you me and Jerry are just trying so survive.
    And Jerry, I’ve picked up a few sleep disorders of my own.

    Cruz never stood a chance at straightening this shit out. He is after all another globalist.


  39. There is NO ONE in the group that knows more about the Clintons than I do. I do not say that boastfully but rather factually. I worked on the campaign to kick him out of office as gov and we succeeded!! I have met him and his wife in person several times and I have never voted for him or her and won’t!!! But that does not mean I trust Donnie as far as I can throw him and handing someone like him who lusts for power (IMHO) is insane. Many of the never trumpers are saying if he were elected it would be hell to get him and his cronies out. You already see how he wants to rewrite the republican rules and soften the word on right to life and …. Give him two more months to open his yap and tell us what he really thinks and then I believe more of you will see that side that Menderman, and Meerkat and other see.

  40. Things can always get worse.
    HRC would DEFINITELY make life a living HELL.

    But no one can offer more than a palliative.

    $20Trillion in Debt.
    $220Trillion in unfunded liabilities.
    Entrenched totalitarianism (accepted by the citizenry).
    A Constitutional Foundation that means absolutely nothing.
    A Constitutionally illiterate SCROTUS.
    A majority who want FREE SHIT.
    An inundation of rat-people.
    Insanity at every level of “gov’t.”
    A corrupt and vicious press.
    A selfish and indolent culture.
    Mass murder of the innocents.
    Denial of the izlamic menace.

    Good luck with that!

    izlamo delenda est …

  41. dapenguin , “seeing that side” is one thing. I see it. What to do about it is another.

    Saw it when it all started and do not see it any differently yet. I can’t fucking believe so many bought his BS from the get-go – and 110% passionately to boot. Insert eye roll here.

    Please tell me my other high quality choice rather than The D or Hillary?

    Sitting out is NOT a quality choice.

    I guarandamntee you, one is helping Hillary if not voting against her at all.

    Voting against her is as much as I can see we can do about the Socialist/Fascist Hillary. Not voting is abdicating what little power you have in this situation.

  42. Unintended Consequences of screwing with our economy.

    Local economic news in my little Nor Cal business park from today.

    We have a pretty good sized company here that repairs hydraulic and water pumps for locomotive engines. Today they had a huge layoff. Turns out hauling coal is the major usage of locomotive engines.

    We also have a 50 person plus business that makes after market parts for trucks. It was purchased last week. Today the new owners laid all the manufacturing people off because they placed all the parts in China.


  43. Paradigm shift. Wrap your old school minds around that. For nearly a year I have read thread after f*cking thread which can only be described as a bunch of tribesmen circling the foreign object with fear and suspicion — something akin to “The Gods Must Be Crazy” — and the quest to rid the village of the Disturbance in the Field, aka Donald Trump. And no one gets it. Paradigm shift.

    Einstein: “I have little patience with scientists who take a board of wood, look for its thinnest part, and drill a great number of holes where drilling is easy.”

    Churchill: “For my part, I consider that it will be found much better by all parties to leave the past to history, especially as I propose to write that history myself.”

    Reagan: “I have wondered at times what the Ten Commandments would have looked like if Moses had run them through the US Congress.”

    Trump: “Part of being a winner is knowing when enough is enough. Sometimes you have to give up the fight and walk away, and move on to something that’s more productive.”

    For those among us who believe Trump is talking about running away from a fight he is losing, no. He is saying that part of winning is changing the game.

    If you really like the game being played in D.C. for the past several decades, put your money on Clinton — or any pol. As for me, I’m going with the new game. Don’t know the details of it and, like soccer, I’ll probably never know all the rules, but I’m game. I’m 200 percent behind the man who makes his own success and doesn’t wait for permission from functionaries.

    That, my friends, is a visionary and a leader. To hell with party politics.

  44. Addendum to why voting against is better than sitting out::

    Silence is consent.

    You’ll own the train wreck as much as those who actually voted for her.

    People can’t sit by the side and throw rotten tomatoes like they’re not a part of the equation at all.

  45. Thanks for posting that video, Fur. I forwarded it to a mass of people. It’s pretty obvious from reading the comments who watched the video and who didn’t, because they start arguing the same old points over again. I’d forgotten how many criminal acts the Clinton Grifters had committed until I saw that video.
    They should both be in prison. Any Republican who even HINTS that a Clinton Presidency would be okay is the person without principles. No one in good conscience could stay home and not vote and allow this evil couple to move back into the White House and continue to destroy our country.

  46. @dad of 4: And if you vote in trump, knowing what he is then you would own that trainwreck as well?

    Pressed further on whether he regrets his initial comments, Trump said many people agreed with what he said and cited an increase in his poll numbers.

    “I don’t, you know — I like not to regret anything,” Trump said. “You do things and you say things. And what I said, frankly, is what I said. And you know some people like what I said, if you want to know the truth. Many people that like what I said. You know after I said that, my poll numbers went up seven points.”

    or this one:

    In five seconds of appearing on MSNBC with leftist Chris Matthews Tuesday evening, Donald Trump’s pro-Soviet Union “fixer” Paul Manafort said that Trump is now the official head of the Republican Party and that the bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor is about to turn both the upcoming GOP convention and the presidency into the “ultimate” reality TV show. – See more at:

    Does that NOT scare the Hell out of you?

    He is a megalomaniac and he has no regrets for any of his actions and you want me to cast a vote for him?

  47. Thanks for the video find Fur. Going to forward it to the Bernie people that I know. They will forward on the link if they aren’t too senile or stoned.

  48. dapenguin:
    Please stop using Andrew Breitbart’s photo. He would be ashamed to be attached to your words. Obviously, you never watched the video that Fur posted, as it chronicles the multiple crimes that the Clintons committed over a 30 year spon. I don’t give two shits if Trump says stupid crap about John McCain. Trump is not a criminal. The Clintons clearly are. BTW I was a Cruz fan, but since Mr. Trump won by the vote of the people, I will stand behind him.
    The alternative is suicide for my country.

  49. dapenguin, You skipped over the most important question I had for you.

    Please tell me my other high quality choice rather than The D or Hillary?

  50. #nevertrump and #neverhillary still after the video

    conservatives only have 2 vote 4 Hillary if Trump Might win, which is highly unlikely and only in a very few States.

    If Trump Wins? Democrat House Impeaches Trump & VP, Democrat Senate Convicts Trump & VP if Trump does just one of Trump’s unconstitutional campaign promises..

  51. mathewsjw: That’s probably one of the most moronic posts I’ve ever seen on this site. But nice try!

  52. Abbigail, that was great! LOL’d many times. And Bad_Brad, i hear ya too. Just got off the phone w/a friend in Gillette Wy. He says (exaggerating some) that half the houses in Gillette are for sale. Market sucks there because of 2 huge coal mines. Also know people who work on BNSF. 2,000 loco’s are on sidings and BN is trying to sell them. People are getting transferred down south or laid off, AND the sidings are chock full of rail cars, even the remote sidings throughout the midwest according to them.

  53. So, Fur, you calling me a liar? I bought that insurance in 1985 when I turned 22 because I was kicked off my Dad’s IBM plan. Back then it was called major medical. It was an 80/20 plan with a $250 deductible and zero deductible for emergency room visits. It was what Obama called “junk insurance” because it didn’t cover wellness visits or pap smears and had a million buck cap. It had co-pays for private rooms and such. The reason it was $100 a month 25 years later is because insurance companies offer all kinds of “deals” that 99% never follow through on. I did because I was self-employed the (and worked a full time job). I took advantage of their thought that “nobody at 22 will keep our insurance when they get a job”

    Want me to send you the letters that my rate went up because I had to be covered for breast reconstruction surgery?

    Calling me a liar is a low blow.

    I did the responsible thing and got insurance before I needed it because I knew I couldn’t get it after I did need it…what a fucking fool I was to be responsible for my self!!!

    BTW, in the 28 years I had that policy, I had ZERO claims. months after Mr. Tucker sold me a plan (for well under 200 bucks a month) I had an accident. The bill came to 70K. My out of pocket expense was 7K. And they re insured me!

    Want me to prove that too?

  54. an interesting side note on that insurance. It was drafted out of the same account for that 28 years. I opened that account at 18 when I bought my first new car. Some 25 years later, I had to go back to that very bank to sign papers an a loan that was about to balloon to extend it. As I was walking through the bank with the young man that was handling it, the guy that helped me open the account was walking by. He saw me and recognized me. He stopped and chatted for a few minutes and we were on a first name basis. As we walked away, the young loan officer asked how I knew Mr. Whitley, and I told him he was the assistant manager that opened my first account at this bank. He then informed me that Mike was the CEO of that bank now. Not that branch, but the entire Bank. Wanna call me a liar on that too?

  55. Abigail…. I’m just about to load “The Gathering Storm” into the DVD player….

    As for the rest of the folk with twisted underpants, we are a long long way from November. There is absolutely no reason for hysterical Never Never Never….. *anything!* Just watch the play unfold. You may make your decision about what to do then. …not now.
    ….Lady in Red

  56. Charlie WalksonWater,
    The guy that runs that Pump Repair biz is a freind of mine. He stopped by my shop tonight and told me Genera Electric, their customer, was laying off too. So even more jobs lost due to some idealistic prick deciding coal is bad.

  57. Menderman –

    BFH did not call you a liar…he just said, ‘he hadn’t heard’.

    seriously, you need to seek help and get some therapy.

    your imagined self-importance is not healthy

  58. Your right Bison guy, BFH did not call me a liar, he just indicated I was being dishonest. May I ask why you think I see myself as “self-important”?

    and be careful to not hurt my feelings, I’m an important dude, mkay!?

  59. Why? Because he didn’t even imply you were being dishonest.

    but you seem to think so.

    BFH is a smart man, but even he doesn’t know all.

  60. I waxed the skiff today…to hot and sunny for the big boat hull. The skiff was in the shade.

    Let’s race out the inlet, you in your unwaxed Champion, me in my waxed Trophy.

  61. @ Lady in Red…have you ever considered a palate of warm colors…yellows, oranges, some crimson…off set with a provocative blue hue on a warm…somewhat sticky spring evening?…in Kansas….way north of Dorthy?….

  62. Abigail Adams recommended “The Gathering Storm,” about the rise of the old has-been Winston Churchill just before WWII. (…Albert Finney and Vanessa Redgrave are brilliant.) And, yep, there are a lot of parallels between old Winston and Donald Trump, many not flattering — especially the arrogance and the sense of destiny….

    I’m struck, when looking back at history, the courage it took a small (knowing) few to stand up to the jeering masses, hoi poloi. We rarely make movies about the jeering throng. It’s worth a thought. The hanging crowd almost never gets it right…. …loud perhaps, but not right. ….Lady in Red

    PS: It is also touching love story of Pug and Mrs. Pussycat. ….smile…

  63. TO guvlawyer

    Comparing Trump to McCain.
    Uh huh.
    You’re equating what they SAY.
    NOT what Trump will DO.

    Fine, you DON’T believe him.
    You believe he’s all talk…just like McCain and all the other limp-spined Republicans.
    But the GOP fears Trump because he’s the kind of person who will DO what he says he will do (within his powers as Chief Executive in our system).

    Keep on thinking that…it helps reinforce the fear you say you have. Sounds like YOU have alot more in common with McCain that with Trump.

    For a government lawyer, you sure sound stupid.
    Then again, government…and lawyer.

  64. C. Steven Tucker ‏@CStevenTucker tweets:

    Smart caller on @MorningAnswer:
    “Trump was my 17th choice. I’m voting for him because if @TheDemocrats win, we’re screwed”
    #tcot #TrumpTrain

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