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No, Those Who Pushed Lockdowns Can’t Hide From The Consequences Now

Rub their fucking faces in it. All of them. Not just the ruling class, but everyone from Dementia Joe to your one asshole cousin who wears a mask in the shower. They own it. All of it.

Federalist: Americans are starting to feel the increasing collateral damage from our unprecedented, ineffective, and ill-advised Covid lockdowns. It was known before March 2020 that lockdowns would cause lifelong and avoidable damage to billions, yet the world’s ruling classes who claim to have earned their place atop a “meritocracy” strenuously demanded such damage be inflicted especially on children and other vulnerable people.

This ruling class used all their massive financial, communications, and government powers to ensure these tragic outcomes, even though anyone who was an actual expert—or, like me, just someone who reads and has common sense—predicted this false “cure” would hurt worse than the disease.

Now that people are beginning to more deeply feel the foreseeable evil consequences of ruling class responses to a novel virus, that ruling class is pulling what propaganda experts call a “limited hangout.” That’s admitting to bits of the truth in order to re-establish yourself as a credible authority while attempting to keep the whole truth hidden. more here

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  1. I went to a Quest Diagnostics inside a Randroids, (AKA Randalls, a Texas subsidiary of Safeway,) and was chastised by another patient who was leaving as I was entering for not wearing a face diaper. The Quest technician later told me that she was fed up with the whole RONA ordeal and refused to be “boosted” because her antibody levels from her first two clot shots were still high. Bottom line … Karens suck.

  2. Unfortunately we all know that the ruling class suffers no consequences for anything they do. Consequences are reserved for us deplorables. Wear your mask, get your jab, those rules are for us.

    O/T but is anyone else having issues getting to a lot of the great conservative sites today? The Right Way is a great site with lots of links to others, and it is down. I’ve tried typing in some of the specific names of other sites and even Duck, Duck, Go won’t return back the actual sites.

  3. In our social group of around 12, only ONE person wears a mask to all their outside functions. If everyone is at one house for a party, etc., he will put on his mask. Just trying to push and make a point. Oh, and he is the lone Democrat in the bunch and the only one to have been shot up twice and boosted. We call him the party shaker! lol

  4. Ha! First time in nearly TWO YEARS that I’ve been able to open a website on my browser WITHOUT a second “Corona Virus…” tab being automatically opened right next to it!

    “And just like that…”

  5. Rub their faces in it? Good one. Does not matter an iota what info comes out, they’ll not only deny everyting-Fauci’s last appearance in front of Rand Paul is a perfect example-but they’ll continue to double down like DC’s scumbag mayor.

    I listened to the WA Dept/Health TAG hearings yesterday. They will not back away from mandating 5 year old children getting the vax. They opened the mic for an hour(1 minute and then you’re cut off) and EVERYONE was fucking livid. And these POS did not answer 1 question, NOT 1. They continue to lie lie lie. They’re unelected as well.

    Disgusting. BTW, videos I saw of the Covid camp in Eatonville 2 days ago were removed on every site I checked.

    Rub their faces in it???

  6. What I fear and nobody is discussing is:

    There must be people out there who are plotting to respond to losing their businesses, relationships, sense of worth etc in the manner of a Tim McVeigh and that also puts a lot of innocent people’s lives in danger.

    A tyranny fosters resentment and rage and different people respond in differing ways. You simply cannot orchestrate this much suffering, misery and death upon so many innocent people and not have them respond in every way imaginable and even some that are unimaginable to the rest of us.

    It is just statistical probability that there are “lone wolves” out there systematically and methodically plotting their revenge when this many people have been affected.

  7. JDHasty
    Somebody is going to go COl Kurtz?

    “Late summer-autumn 1968 :
    Kurtz’s patrols in the highlands coming under frequent
    ambush. The camp started falling apart…November: Kurtz orders
    the assassination of three Vietnamese men and one
    woman. Two of the men were Colonels in the South
    Vietnamese army. Enemy activity in his old sector dropped
    off to nothing.

    Guess he must have hit the right
    four people.

  8. My niece is a little down in the dumps. She said if she has to stop wearing a mask, she’ll have to start shaving again. She told me she had a pretty good start on a goat tee! A nice Italian girl.

  9. @ JDHasty

    You’re absolutely right. I don’t remember what his beef was but I do remember the chaos Chris Dohner caused in S Cal when he went on his little spree.

  10. Progs are actively hostile to critically examining the more likely than not consequences of their actions. In most cases it is others who are totally innocent who suffer those consequences and if there is one “progressive” anywhere who gives a tinker’s damn about the innocent suffering, misery and death that their actions cause or exacerbate it is a well kept secret.

  11. I suspect the number of potential Marvin Heemeyers out there numbers in the thousands, if not the tens of thousands.

  12. In that article is a tweet about suicides of kids 5-11. Many parents are just as much to blame for this because they forced their kids to mask up, they didn’t try to see that their kids had a normal life.
    With my grandkids, we and their parents never wore masks and when we told them how stupid people were who wore them and took them to as many places as possible where people didn’t run around in masks.

    So instead of them fearing masks and not seeing faces of those they knew, they made fun of people in masks. Yeah people don’t like it when they point them out and say look at the sheep, but making them a joke and not normal taught them a lesson they’ll remember.

    A commercial came on the other day telling kids to get their shots, my grandson took that as funny as well and told his mom hey they said I needed to tell you I needed a shot and started laughing.

  13. I was out for my morning run today. I have a favorite area that is very rural & quiet. I am just about a mile from finishing when I see two people coming towards me. As I get closer to them, I see that both of them are wearing masks & face shields. Being the prick that I am, when I got close to them, I started to do a very loud, fake cough. The two idiot’s acted like I had pulled a gun on them! Perversely satisfying, indeed! With age comes great wisdom!

  14. All the karens? Who contracted mercenaries to steal my wallet (they get to split the take, with karens), and threaten to shoot me in the face? When they come back for my wallet, next time?

    I should snivel “Neener, neener, nee-ner” at them? All of them? And hand over my wallet? To the same mercenaries? The EXACT… SAME… mercenaries?

    Yeah, Frank Einstein, I’ll get right on that.

  15. “Why don’t we step outside & you can tell me what to do, and I’ll respond accordingly.”
    So far, no one’s had the stones to take me up on that.

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