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No Tuxedos Required

Souped up Ford ” Rory Gallagher
Thanks, Blues Junky!

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  1. Rory Gallagher was great entertainment. I saw him several times in the 70’s. He was never the headliner, but he usually did the best show of the evening. He would come out in clean blue jeans, plaid or flannel shirt, and what looked like a new blue jean jacket. If you didn’t know who was about to play you might have been unimpressed, by the time he was half way through you be thinking “who is this guy?” Brings back good memories!

  2. So strange to see Rory playing a Tele. I’m so used to seeing him play his Strat that was beat up beyond belief. He could tear it up with the best of them playing anything!

  3. Yes, DrRiff. Very weird. We are used to seeing that ratty Stratocaster those “teeves” left in a watery ditch. Assholes.

    “What’d ye get?”

    “Uh git-stick!”

    “That’s not just uh git-stick… thars teh only Stratocaster in Ireland. Can’t be seen wit it.”

    So they threw it in a fucking ditch.


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