No Wonder Jackass Comey Concluded That Hillary Did Nothing Wrong – HE WAS DOING THE SAME THING!!!!!!

Comey, who should go right to friggin’ jail, the TOP DAWG INVESTIGATOR in THE UNITED STATES, who claims he didn’t know Weiner was married to Abedin, was using unsecured gmail accounts to conduct government business!!!

If you or I were being investigated by the FBI, they’d know what brand cereal we preferred. But James Comey, who was supposedly investigating Hillary Clinton, didn’t know her top aide was married to a disgraced congressman.

Wow, he really dug deep. And then he says “no reasonable prosecutor would bring this case against Hillary,” leaving off the part “because if the top FBI guy is doing it, it can’t be illegal, can it?”


16 Comments on No Wonder Jackass Comey Concluded That Hillary Did Nothing Wrong – HE WAS DOING THE SAME THING!!!!!!

  1. Tune in tonight for more of “America’s Funniest FBI Agents” brought to you by Bleach-Bits, when it absolutely, positively has to be clean.

  2. If nothing else (and I’m not expecting anything else, yanno’, like actual criminal charges) the report will keep the talk radio pundits and bloggers in material for weeks.

    Instead of being outraged on supposition now the apoplexy can be based on a real world document. This should prove much more satisfying.

    It’s the difference between gaseous ass effluvium wafting about the room and being able to point to a turd on the floor and yelling, “LOOK AT THAT!!!”

  3. So Comey is a bad guy. Thanks NBC for the news flash. So what about Hillary? Anything in the IG report about HER?

  4. Thank you, Lowell, for the counter-productive, self-defeating, America-hater-supportive crapola that has polluted too much of the Rightwing airwaves.

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy all the critical comments the Shapiro-Goldberg-Frum Axis talking heads have to offer up.

    CRIMINAL CHARGES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN SUCH REPORTS – that’s the job of someone else…y’know, like, Huber or Sessions.

    But please, go ahead and spew your nihilistic TOKYO ROSE there’s-no-hope-so-we-should-all-accept-defeat-now-already-give-up-surrender-give-up profundity. As if we haven’t heard it all already a million times.

    I don’t fart, I SH!T on each and every one of you nihilistic losers here on this site, who *still* can’t comprehend that Trump is NOT Obama, Clinton or Bush(es).

  5. I had a cynical immigrant (the legit kind) friend who was commenting on how there is no way one could comply with the tangle of contradictory laws in this country (we were discussing bldg. codes). His immortal dismissive comment was “In this country, you’ve got to play dumb.”

    Will STOOPIT be the go-to legal defense from now on?!
    “Sorry judge, just like Hillary, I didn’t do it intentionally, no criminal intent. I got rich, killed people, stepped all over legitimate dupes, because, you know, I was careless, I acted stupidly. That’s all. So we’re good, right?”

    Because we could never even agree on what Is is. Did we?

    PS First, kill the lawyers.

  6. *Puts on raincoat* Well, Czar, I don’t think we have any doubts about Trump. So kindly point your booty at the FBI and the fredocons. lol

  7. Comey was protecting himself and OBAMA. Obama also had his own private email and was trafficking in emails with HRC. With Obama’s integrity on the line there is no way in hell HRC is ever getting charged with anything. He is all they’ve got. This was always about protecting Obama.

  8. No, MJA, I point it directly at the a$$h*les here who have repeatedly spewed their “ALL HOPE IS LOST IT’S JUST LIKE THE OBAMABUSHCLINTONBUSH DAYS AND NOTHING’S EVER GONNA CHANGE SO WE’RE LOST I TELL YA WE’RE F*CKING’ LOST ELEVENTY!!!!” mentality.

    It ain’t someone else.
    It’s YOU (plural) who decides to give up/surrender.
    (pssst…NOT ME)

  9. Czar, you see giving up? Surrender? I see outrage! Maybe it works for you to say, sit back, relax, this is just step one. But I’m mad as hell, and unless about 200 million of us let the DOJ and the Executive branch know we are all pissed off as hell things may not change.

  10. Our iniquitous President appointed the following leftists to high level positions, in alpha order, with date of promotion:

    Clapper – 9/01- Sec Def Intelligence

    Come – 12/03 – FBI

    Mueller – 9/01 – FBI

    Rosenstein – 7/05 – FBI

    Name this “progressive”. – The dates should be a “dead” giveaway!


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