No Wonder Jihadis Hate Dogs

An SAS patrol in Northern Syria had entered a town when they were ambushed by jihadis. That’s when the unnamed Belgian Malinois that was accompanying the patrol went to work on the bad guys. More

20 Comments on No Wonder Jihadis Hate Dogs

  1. Good dog! Wonderful dog! Hero dog!

    Give that dog some BACON!

    One thing bothers me, though. If you’re in a “360 degree ambush” how the heck do you get “outflanked”? If the bad guys have you encircled, you ain’t go no flank!

  2. @Cate – Thanks for that! Now I know where the human Belgians’ guts went – to their namesake dogs.

  3. Holy crap, that’s a fierce dog. Also, they hate dogs because dogs are smarter than they are. Dogs are generally good and decent and muzzies can’t grasp that.

  4. I heard Mo had a bad encounter with
    a dog.That’s why the sand apes hate them.
    Mo was mental and had epilepsy so he might
    have just had a Knipshon fit and imagined a dog.

  5. Good boy! I love a happy story!

    Of course, he had to lick his ass for an hour to get rid of the taste of jihadi!

  6. It’s been proposed that civilization as we know it could not have progressed without the domestication of dogs.
    Leading to a simple conclusion where our ME friends are concerned…..

  7. Muslim sects that believe in angels also believe that dogs scare those same angels away. Reason #4879 to get a dog.

    Yours in Patriotism,

    Barack Obama’s Dead Fly

  8. Who’s a good boy? Steak and eggs and lots of belly rubs for him.

    @Cate – amazing video. I love dogs but have never seen anything like that.

  9. One down side…
    My understanding having never owned one…

    Almost CONSTANT HIGH LEVEL activity and energy. If you can’t devote the time and devotion back to the animal you shouldn’t own one.

  10. @ Al,
    But we all know that being surrounded simplifies things…..

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  11. “They could hear screaming and shouting before the firing from the house stopped.”

    Once bitten, twice shy…

  12. Rover by Jethro Tull

    “I chase your every footstep
    and I follow every whim.
    When you call the tune I’m ready
    to strike up the battle hymn.”


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