No wonder Leftist women think all men are predators

Patriot Retort:

About a year ago, Milo Yiannopoulos described male feminists like this:

These beta orbiting cucks proudly carry the feminist banner. But they look at the cause as their best hope to get laid. Why do you think so many male feminists turn out to be virgins, perverts or, even more often, both?

And I think he’s right.

If you look at the men being outed as sexual predators lately, they all use the same defense.

Whether it’s Charlie Rose, Al Franken or Podesta lickspittle Glenn Thrush — they start by saying what strong supporters of women they are.

Speaking of Glenn Thrush. I think a good rule to live by is never be alone with a man named after a yeast infection.

Any old how.

In his statement tweeted out yesterday evening, Charlie Rose opened with this:

In my 45 years of journalism, I have prided myself on being an advocate for the careers of the women with whom I have worked.

These guys always start by explaining just how supportive they are toward women.

But what was it Milo said? “They look at the cause as their best hope to get laid.”

And I think it’s safe to say that applies to Charlie.

One of Glenn Thrush’s targets told Vox this:  MORE

14 Comments on No wonder Leftist women think all men are predators

  1. It if feminism that wholeheartedly supports abortion. Is it no wonder that predator men would fall all over themselves trying to seduce a feminist.


    Beta-males and lesbos set it up in the hopes of attracting straight women.

    It’s like, I don’t know, gay men pretending to be priests in order to take advantage of vulnerable young boys.

  3. “I thought bending over naked in front of them and pulling my ass cheeks apart WAS supportive of women!?” –Charlie Rose

  4. Anyone remember Alan Alda’s character on MASH?

    He was a total horndog, even though he was a writer and director in some episodes. He could have turned the character around, but didn’t. He was gladly a chauvinist pig from beginning to end.


  5. At this rate, we’ll have sanctuary cities for the sexually accused and convicted. All complete with a Sex News Network SNN channel where allegations stream real-time, what’s it, like every 2 seconds a rape happens according to the nutjobs? Sounds tantalizing, run that content.

  6. Michael Crighton wrote an interesting book call Travels, single-chapter parts of his life. In one he talked about how women he dated always assumed that he talked about his female ‘conquests’ in the locker room. Of course he didn’t – guys talk about sport in the locker room, and the only ones talking about ‘conquests’ are probably insecure and lying. In talking with his guy friends he realized that women tend to think that because it’s what they do.

    So with the Dems/libs/leftists – they clearly have no interest in facts – emotions are more important. They clearly believe in subverting others to their will. They clearly identify the color of others’ skin in making determinations about them. So they believe that GOP/conservatives/righties are also emotional liars, control freaks, and racists.

  7. Exactly right LCD. Trump colluded with Russia. All you need to tell what the Democrats are doing is to listen to their accusations.

  8. This is so dead on. White Knights are the most pathetic and sociopathic assholes out there. When they’re not spouting feminist claptrap or cockblocking decent men by smearing them as “rapists” they’re getting grabby with some confused college girl who can’t grasp the difference between words and deeds and what matters most.

  9. Getting Laid is exactly what it’s about, and the more they scream and Protest the more they get. They’re ” Pussy Puppets” !

  10. Speaking of which South Park did a great episode on that last year, as PC Principal’s buddies (basically frat boys) told women what feminists they were, then asked them to come upstairs.

  11. The ” Pussy Puppets ” know absolutely nothing about politics, all they know has been learned from the Girls in their Menstrual Drum Circle !

  12. The pussy hat commandos who tag along with (mostly lesbian)feminist chics are just a reiteration of the 90’s “new age, sensitive guy.” But show me a man who stands up to seat a woman at a table or opens the door for her and I’ll show you who real women are attracted to.


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