No wonder the news media’s approval numbers are tanking

Patriot Retort: Last week Gallup polling showed that of the groups/people involved in the Wuhan pandemic, the American news media had the worst approval numbers by far.  In fact, their approval numbers were so bad, they were underwater by eleven percent.

It’s hardly surprising when you consider the fear mongering, the childish tantrums, the parroting of Chinese propaganda, and the eager excitement as the pandemic worsens.  None of that behavior adds up to positive approval numbers.

When you throw on top of that the news media’s tantrums over President Trump’s daily briefings while they invite know-nothings like Sean Penn on, why would Americans trust these idiots?

And in a sane world, a functioning news media would want to improve those approval numbers.

But the dopes in news media don’t occupy a sane world. They don’t even occupy the real world. These guys are so addled by Trump Derangement Syndrome, they couldn’t find the real world if we spotted them a map, a GPS device and a guide dog. read more

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  2. Some of them are reportedly lining up with requests for bailouts. So far just print media that I know of. Ask Google for help, they did it!

  3. The political hacks do not understand the medicine or the science that has been provided at the briefings. The WH has to get a half dozen medical and science reporters in there who can at least ask intelligent questions. Clearly the political hacks did not understand any of the data or graphs. They thought the “confidence interval” was a number predicted with confidence.

    Time to send in real reporters who can understand and explain to the American people the science and medicine.

    Even the president came across as a dry drunk tonight.

  4. A long time ago, there were reporters who wrote factual accounts of current events. We called what they wrote “news”. Today we’d call those reporters the “news media” because we’ve got more channels than just newspapers.

    A few decades ago, the “news media” morphed itself into the “quasi-news media”. They bore a superficial resemblance to their predecessors but what they were writing wasn’t factual accounts of current events any more.

    Today, we’ve left the “quasi-” behind and instead have the “pseudo-news media” at best and “partisan propagandizing disinformation media” the rest of the time.

  5. Toxically Masculine,

    Never heard of a medical or science reporter? How about scientists who think and write? You know, someone who thinks math is easy and knows how to calculate and read stats.

    A few of them hang out at

  6. When the America people have direct access to the daily cv-19 updates and you have a journolist shitheads asking agenda driven hating questions, this is why there Fourth Estate approvals are TANKING.

    ‘YOU are fake news’. (say that like the POTUS and you will feel better).

  7. America must never trust the Media again. Not Ever. Lies, distortions, sensationalism. Who needs it? I can get better news on my old CB radio, or by just walking outside and looking around.

  8. I remember in the 60’s when our local newspaper had a weekly (or more) column by a scientist as well as a weekly religion page, which wasn’t just various church service times. Read both of these and was saddened as they shrunk until they disappeared.

    Schools seem to have dropped real science and real quantifiable experiments for climate change and environmental indoctrination

  9. Just look at the name of the jerkoff who posted the snide comment: “Ali Velshi” he’s as american as apple pie!

  10. Notice how the day after the MSM complained about Trump calling it the Chinese Virus, they stopped calling it coronavirus, started using covid-19?
    Somebody musta got a map and saw that Mexico has a town amed Corona…

  11. Let me know when it’s selectively offing liberals.
    That asshole that rules over Oakland needs to be next.


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